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No Tricks – VR Bangers Will TREAT You Right with Their Latest Halloween $6.66 Scary Special!

Do you feel the thrill in the air? Yes, this magical, exciting, sometimes scary season is approaching – and slowly but surely we are getting closer to the time of Halloween! This period of the year can get extremely sexy with all these kinky Halloween costumes and hot girls dressed as nurses, witches and vampires – which, when developed by professionals working on fulfillment of erotic fantasies of their fans on daily basis such as VR Bangers, can get even more erotic and sensual.

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These premium VR porn movies producers – known worldwide from introduction of 6K ultra high definition virtual reality resolution to their VR porn films as the very first in the industry – have just announced their newest $6.66 Halloween Scary Special, which consists of a huge discount on all their websites and a brand new VR porn movie with a super-spooky plot twist and some of the hottest adult models in the business.

Starting with the huge price discount on all three of the websites in the VR Bangers network – meaning: vrbangers.com with straight virtual reality porn, VRBGay.com for homosexual audiences and VRBTrans.com for transsexual part of VR porn’s community. For the period of this Halloween promo – so between October 25th and November 3rd – you can become the member of the VR Bangers family for just $6.66 for 15 days – which is a huge price drop compared to the original price and other similar virtual reality porn services available in the internet.

Additionally, 1- and 3-months packages have been heavily discounted as well, and, if you are a huge VR porn videos’ connoisseur, you can join the family of VRB’s members for entire 2 years for just the price of a 1-year membership. These lowered prices are now available on all VR Bangers’ websites and you can take advantage of them when purchasing the membership on each one of them solo and when joining these premium producers in their package deals for 2 websites at once.

And this is just the beginning of the VR Bangers’ Halloween campaign, as the producers have just announced that within the ongoing super-scary event, they also plan to release a spooky VR porn scene with 4 professional adult models – the VR porn movie will go on the VRBangers.com website next week and then the makers will provide more details about their latest VR porn experience.

“We like to do something special on Halloween,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “And so we did this year – just like we do every year – trying to come up with new, fresh ideas and surprise (and scare) our fans more and more in every incoming season. Did we succeed with that on Halloween 2019 and what have we planned for Halloween 2020? Members of the VR Bangers’ family will certainly find that out at the appropriate time.”

To see the promo on your own eyes, make sure to visit VR Bangers’ main page over here.

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