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Update: Nod Forms Partnership With Heddoko

On May 13, 2015, Nod forms a new partnership with smart motion tracking garment company Heddoko, with the two companies’ advanced technologies, user’s full range motion can be captured in accuracy!


nod heddoko partnership

Nod announced a new partnership with Heddoko!

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Nod Ring: A Virtual Reality Gesture Control Wearable

Nod Inc. is a Mountain View, California based startup company. Nod Inc. introduced a wireless and touchless ring goes by the same name back in 2014.


nod ring with oculus rift

Nod ring goes perfect with a Oculus SDK headset! Image Source: Game Sutra


Nod is created by a team of scientists, engineers and product managers from Apple, Jawbone, Samsung, Facebook, NASA and Amazon.



It is a pixel-accurate gesture control ring with a modern look. The Nod ring looks futuristic and is made water-proof. Connection between Nod and VR heads or other VR devices is via Bluetooth.


Nod is equipped with ultra-sensitive sensors that supports two finger controls and light finger swipes!


nod ceo wearable gesture ring

Words From Nod Inc. CEO & Founder Anush Elangovan

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“We took a step back and looked at how we’ve progressed from plug panels and dip switches to the mouse in the PC era, and then touch in the mobile era, and we were like ‘what’s next?’,” says Nod Labs founder and CEO Anush Elangovan. “Speech has always been one part of it, but speech doesn’t work in a crowded room for example, so the next obvious one is gestures.”

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Nod Ring is Currently On Back Order Only

For consumers, Nod ring is currently out of stock, but you can sign up and be notified when back order is in stock. At this time, Nod ring is only available for developers, you can fill a form on this page.


nod ring order form

Nod ring is currently on back order, unless you are a developer.


Nod is not only a gesture control, it can also be view as a mini remote control for TV, computer, or even flipping through ebooks. Very convenient VR wearable for lazy cats like me!


Content & Image Source: Nod, VR Zone, Nod Twitter

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