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Noitom Lands in Japan with New Earthlight: Lunar Mission Experience Premiering at the 2017 Tokyo Game Show

Noitom, the creators of the out-of-home VR platform Project Alice are in Tokyo for the 2017 Tokyo Game Show where they launched their new turn-key edutainment mixed reality solution created for museums and science centers — Alice Space.

Alice Space is the first commercial multi-player mixed reality solution centered around space exploration. It was developed specifically to fulfill the growing demand from the B2B2C market for “edutaining” content that would cater to a wide audience.

Alice Space is conceived as a complete hardware and software package that allows venues such as museums and science centers to offer their audiences realistic and immersive experiences beyond our world and into our solar system. The packages feature Noitom’s proprietary high fidelity hybrid optical-inertial tracking, VR backpacks and goggles for up to six players and a bi-annually updated content developed in collaboration with NASA.

Built from the ground up around a theme park-centric model, Alice Space gives operators uninterrupted, continuous play for 6 people with up to three sessions per hour. Providing a tracking space of 7 m by 10 m, players can move freely and interact with one another as well as with physical objects. Combined with stunningly rendered content, Alice Space delivers a one-of-a-kind edutainment experience friends and family can share.

“Our goal in creating this mixed reality, multi-user platform was to bring fantastic, unattainable experiences to a mass audience. And what is more fantastic and unattainable than being able to walk on the moon?” says Roch Nakajima, President of Noitom International. “With Alice Space – theme parks, museums and edutainment facilities get an affordable, long-term, turn-key solution that can be monetized while delivering a unique experience anyone from 9 to 99 will never forget.”

A core element of Alice Space is the exclusive partnership with Opaque Space, the Australian virtual reality development studio who will develop and release new content for the platform every six months. Opaque Space’s ongoing collaboration with NASA has and will allow them to continue to release captivating yet accurate experiences that deliver both fun and education.

At Tokyo Game Show, Noitom will launch a demo version of Earthlight: Lunar Mission—billed as humanity’s first step on the mission to explore and settle other worlds. It is the first of a planned six interactive mixed reality experiences that will take players from the Moon to Jupiter’s icy moon — Europa.

Alice Space is available for order with the first installations slated for January 2018. The turn-key Alice Space package for 6 players lists for USD $199,000. In addition, a monthly subscription and maintenance fee of USD $6,000 will include new content every six months and limited equipment protection. Interested parties are invited to contact Noitom for detailed specifications.

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Founded in 2011, Noitom Ltd. works with a team of dedicated engineers who develop world-class motion capture technology for consumer and industrial markets through the integration of MEMS sensors, pattern recognition, human kinetics and wireless transmission. Noitom is an international leader in innovative technology for use in animation, film, medical applications, robotics and gaming. Noitom is headquartered in Beijing with affiliate offices in Shenzhen. For further information about Noitom and its services, please visit, For general inquiries, please email, info(at)

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