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Noitom Announces Hi5 Virtual Reality Glove

Hi5 VR Glove is a wireless, full-finger movement, sensor-based glove that delivers rapid hand actions in virtual reality environments. Noitom first introduced the Hi5 VR Glove at CES 2017 where the public got to see an early prototype. The Business Edition of Hi5 VR Glove delivers a professional solution for businesses to create immersive, interactive experiences in virtual reality where the hands can be used naturally in the environment.

Hi5 VR Glove features include low latency at ±5 ms latency, haptic feedback with a programmable vibration rumbler, and replaceable batteries for continuous play. The gloves work with just one AA battery and require no recharging time. SDK’s are included for Unity and UNREAL engine. The Hi5 VR Glove requires a set of motion trackers for positional tracking and is compatible with HTC VIVE.™

“The ability to capture complete hand movement and simulate all five fingers in VR in addition to providing complete motion is a capability we have finally been able to achieve with the Hi5 VR Glove,” says Dr. Tristan Dai, CTO of Noitom and the creator of Hi5. “With freedom of movement and accurately captured data, Hi5 users will be able to immerse themselves seamlessly into their virtual worlds.”

The Hi5 VR Glove Business Edition is geared toward companies and entrepreneurs who want to create interactive experiences with their commercial projects using intricate hand movements. Hi5 VR Glove comes with a Commercial License giving businesses free reign to develop their own products for gaming, training, simulation and entertainment. Hi5 VR Glove Business Edition also includes an extended limited warranty for replacement parts and repairs.

“Hi5 VR Glove offers a solution for businesses on the cutting-edge to develop their own virtual reality products,” says Roch Nakajima, President of Noitom International. “With our broad commercial license in place, companies and agencies can work on many VR applications requiring hand tracking. Hi5 VR Glove offers an excellent simulation solution for research, training, and education. With the help of Hi5, businesses can cut training costs and eliminate any real-world risks.”

Hi5 VR Glove Business Edition is now available for purchase and delivery for $999 USD on the http://www.Hi5VRGlove.com website.

Founded in 2011, Noitom Ltd. works with a team of dedicated engineers who develop world-class motion capture technology for consumer and industrial markets through the integration of MEMS sensors, pattern recognition, human kinetics and wireless transmission. Noitom is an international leader in innovative technology for use in animation, film, medical applications, robotics and gaming. Noitom is headquartered in Beijing with affiliate offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Miami.


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