Nokia Ozo 360 camera review

Nokia OZO 360 Degree VR Camera Spec Overview

The Nokia Ozo is possibly one of the most advanced consumer level 360 camera. It has 8 camera lenses at 195-degree FOV with a f/2.4 fixed aperture and shoots at 30fps. Each lens has a 2K x 2K sensor which significantly overlaps one lens over another, which makes stitching become far easier in the post production. The camera uses more accurate global shutter as opposed to rolling shutter, and eight microphones record spatial audio throughout the capture. For other 360 VR cameras, check out The 360 Camera Comparison & Buyer’s Guide.

Nokia Ozo review

Weighing at 9.3 pounds, the Ozo isn’t your average consumer 360 camera that you can carry around in your pocket. The company emphasizes “The Power of One”, that is, each videos files are perfectly synced with audio, with one output cable, one power, and memory cartridge. Through the unique VR monitor viewer, filmmakers can see recordings in real-time live-preview.



The Ozo can capture in mono and stereo videos with the option to select shooting with four cameras around the center or fire all eight cameras simultaneously. Mono video files are produced with both eyes seeing the same image, whereas stereo video uses two separate videos for each eye to produce “depth” also known as 3D.



Captured footages are imported into the Ozo creator software, which requires unique hardware to run. The software generates a default stitch and allows the stitch lines to be moved around across the image for optimization. Once ready to export, you can export in mp4 or DPX file.

This is one professional use camera that will enable film producers or studios to produce extremely high-quality footages, but definitely not the right camera for hobbyist or average consumer.


Nokia OZO Sample Footages:



Download specifications here


Nokia Ozo Specification

Nokia Ozo Specification

Nokia Ozo Specification

Nokia Ozo Specification

Nokia Ozo Specification

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