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Nomadic Partners with the Technicolor Experience Center to Illustrate Impact of Location-Based VR Entertainment

Technicolor to host VR entertainment innovator for two-week residency, connecting creative communities and industries with leading-edge model of scalable, immersive experiences.

Nomadic, an immersive entertainment company creating virtual reality (VR) experiences for neighborhoods everywhere, today announced its partnership with the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), Technicolor’s division focused on igniting industry collaboration and innovation in immersive media. From October 10th – 20th, Nomadic’s location-based VR experience will reside at the Culver City facility, offering an opportunity for filmmakers, studios, creatives and VR industry drivers to experience first-hand this new medium and model for VR entertainment.

“With Nomadic’s residency at TEC, we are at the epicenter of innovation in entertainment, media and technology,” said Kalon Gutierrez, Co-founder and Head of Growth for Nomadic. “We’re eager to introduce the creative community to our model of immersive content, that allows users to touch and interact in a VR environment, and explore how we can collaborate with visionaries in film, gaming and storytelling across business verticals.”

Founded by veterans of the film, gaming, motion tracking and retail sectors, Nomadic experiences blur the line between ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’. Nomadic installations are designed to be easily reconfigured to support new content and VR adventures. The experiences incorporate physical props, set design and environmental effects into story-driven VR content.

“The mission of the TEC is to bring together the entire ecosystem of content creators, technologists, distributors and ‘experience curators’ associated with immersive media,” said Marcie Jastrow, Technicolor’s Senior Vice President of Immersive Media and Head of the Technicolor Experience Center. “By hosting Nomadic’s approach to location-based entertainment (LBE), the TEC offers the entire community an opportunity to see how audiences interact with immersive experiences in this rich, mixed environment. This will inspire content creators to envision how stories can be told in new ways, and challenge technologists to create platforms and solutions that can bring VR, AR and MR content to life beyond the home and the headset.”

Nomadic has created a comprehensive solution that transforms locations and retail spaces into high-traffic VR attractions, providing commercial venues with a modular ‘kit of parts’ containing all of the necessary equipment, infrastructure, technology and content. This turnkey approach to LBE installations makes it possible to effectively and cost efficiently bring a broad range of immersive experiences to new venues.

“Technicolor is a legendary name in entertainment, and our residency at their facility validates our approach to VR entertainment,” said Doug Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of Nomadic. “We’ve been encouraged by the enthusiasm we’ve received from the film, retail innovation and investment communities to date, and we’re excited to continue exploring opportunities across all of these realms during our time at the Technicolor Experience Center.”

On track to debut its first in-market installation in the US in Q1 2018, recently, Nomadic announced $6 million in seed funding led by Horizons Ventures, with participation in the round from Maveron, Presence Capital, Vulcan Capital, and Verus International. In conjunction with the Li Ka-Shing Foundation’s celebration of gaming and technology, HKXP, Horizons Ventures brought the Nomadic experience to Hong Kong for public exhibition for a two-week public exhibition in July of this year.

About Nomadic
Nomadic is an immersive entertainment company creating VR adventures for neighborhoods everywhere. Formed by a team of veterans from the film, gaming, brand and retail worlds, Nomadic’s turn-key, convertible environments and rich VR content provide venues with the platform to convert their locations to ever-changing VR experiences. Visit

About The Technicolor Experience Center
The Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) unites talent from Technicolor and its award-winning creative brands (MPC, The Mill, Mr. X and Mikros Image) with partners from fields as diverse as gaming, animation, traditional media and technology. The facility enables ideation, exploration and creation of what immersive experiences can bring to entertainment, gaming, and the full spectrum of vertical industries — such as architecture, real estate, education, healthcare and beyond. Visit

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