Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality - collectively known as XR are assisting organization across various industries to transform training and design visualizations. Yet, it is not always easy to implement such workflow without encounter some challenges.

However in the past, VR and AR requires some serious compromises, where users had to be tethered by a cable to a workstation limiting freedom of movement and making it difficult to collaborate with stakeholders in other locations. With Nvidia's Cloud XR over 5g, it's possible to stream high quality vr to tetherless headsets such as the Oculus Quest. Users can be virtually anywhere with cloudxr augmented reality also becomes possible.

Nvidia and VMware announced this week that Nvidia CloudXR is now integrated with the VMware Workspace ONE VR Hub to allow companies to take XR streaming to the cloud. This integration will enable users to securely and safely access VR and AR content.

This is why Nvidia and VMware have teamed up to make it easier for organizations and industry professionals adopt VR and AR. VMware's advanced engineering project, workspace ONE XR Hub, will be serving as a customer application on all-in-one headsets, allowing users to connect to AR and VR environments via virtual machines.

This process is accelerated by Nvidia's virtual GPU (vGPU) software, where companies can quickly launch XR-enabled virtual machines using VMware and VMware Horizon. Workspace ONE XR will utilize Nvidia CloudXR to stream XR content and applications, in the same time maintaining VRware Blast Extreme as optional desktop access.

Matt Coppinger, director of XR at VMware said

"From immersive training to immersive design solutions, our customers need the highest fidelity experience with the greatest mobility. Running VR applications on VMware vSphere with NVIDIA vGPU, combined with NVIDIA CloudXR to stream content to a mobile VR headset, is a great way to solve that challenge... We’ve also been developing Workspace ONE XR Hub, which will provide simple and secure access to native and remote VR applications. CloudXR integrated in VMware Workspace ONE will provide the ultimate enterprise experience for users and IT.”

Author: VR Reporter

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