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Oculus Connect 2 @ Loews Hotel Now Accepting Online Application

Oculus VR is now accepting Oculus Connect 2 Application. The event takes place @ Loews Hotel, Hollywood, California on September 23-25.


oculus vr annual developer conference connect 2


Oculus Annual Developer Conference: Oculus Connect

Oculus Connect 2 is the second annual developer conference for game & app developers, engineers, designers, and virtual reality content producers to get together as a community, to share and learn about the future of Oculus VR, its platform and latest Oculus news and technology. Namely, one of the most important VR events for game and VR developers!


John Carmacks, Brendan Iribe and Michael Abrash 2015 keynote

In 2014, there were 4 speakers, according to the official website, Palmer Lucky probably won’t speak at this year’s Oculus Connect 2…


For 2015, Oculus Connect 2 is featuring keynote presentations from Oculus’s own John Carmack, Brendan Iribe, and Michael Abrash. Below are 2014 keynote presentations from John Carmack and Brendan Iribe. But expect bigger announcement from this year’s keynote as the Oculus CV1 getting ready to launch in 2016!


Besides learning from, receiving sights and feedbacks from your fellow developers, attendees are also invited to participate in design and engineering workshops with fellow developers and Oculus engineering team.



In 2014, around 1,000 people attended the annual event, the early bird ticket is $459, and $695 after August 24. There are also Indie pass and Student pass available at $95 per tix, apply now! Do not panic if you cannot make it to the event, as usual for nearly all Oculus events, there will be an on-site live streaming available!


Here is the page to submit the application: https://www.oculusconnect.com/application/areg.htm.asp


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