Oculus Go FCC Listing Approved

Oculus promised to deliver a new standalone VR headset early 2018. While official details on the release date is still not available, recent FCC listing shows something exciting regarding the much anticipated Oculus Go.

The listing lists two models for Oculus Go. The listing described the models as identical, with the only difference in memory size. One model, MH-A32 has 32GB of memory, while MH-A64 is doubled up to 64GB. The difference is obvious that one can store more games and content than the other. We are not sure whether the device will have external memory SD card slot. Most likely there will be two versions of the headset for sale, with the 32GB starting at $199.

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Currently, the most comparable VR solution is the Gear VR which requires Samsung Galaxy line of smartphone to power. It could get quite expensive if you don’t already own a Samsung phone. The best thing about the Oculus Go is completely wireless, with no smartphone or computer required.

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According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg,

“it’s the most accessible VR headset yet. It starts at $199 and it’s going to ship early next year. It appears that the mobile headset will be a similar experience to the Gear VR, allowing users to spin around but not move freely.”

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Oculus Go was designed with breathable fabrics and is fully adjustable for comfort. Headset is light and can even be used with glasses. Equipped with a hand controller that fits palm of your hand, allows user to control the virtual environment. Resolution is improved as a result from new lenses and WQHD LCD fast-swtich display, with a higher fill-factor than OLED.

Image credit: Oculus

Although we still lack detail information regarding the headset, the good news is that Oculus successful got approval to sell. This is one headset that would drastically bring VR to the mass majority, with an affordable price tag. We should be expecting delivery anytime!

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