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Buy a VR Treadmill Today and Become a Pre-IPO Investor in Virtuix

Motion in VR has always been a huge topic for consumers and developers. Early stage VR experiences have largely been stationary, while newer generation tracking technologies such as the HTC Vive Tracker 3.0 have made significant improvements with body movement tracking.

However, most people would agree  simulating walking and running in VR games and experiences cannot be replaced with joysticks, controllers, and computer keyboard.

There's nothing better than actually feeling like you are using your legs to walk in VR, while being immersed in the virtual world. However, just how do you walk a mile inside your own bedroom without running into the wall?

The answer is VR treadmills like the Omni VR treadmill by Virtuix. The company attracted close to 12 million from individual investors from crow funding campaign back in 2020, with a goal to support the release of the Virtuix Omni One for in-home VR locomotion simulation.

With just three weeks remaining in their seed funding campaign, Virtuix successfully attracted over 5,000 investors and has currently raise $11.9 million. What's unique about this campaign is that the investment allows individuals to purchase pre-IPO stock in the company. At the time of this writing (March 15th, 2021), a single share in Virtuix is valued at $2.996 USD.

The company utilized Regulation A funding campaign to allow independent investors of general public to invest in private companies, via the JOBS act of the US government. The minimum entry to own a share of the company is $1000 USD, which also provide 20% incentive when investors buys a Omni One system, which equates to 400 USD discount. The Omni one plans to release sometime in second quarter of 2021, which a retail price tag at $1,995.

There's also a developer's version that will sell for $995, but without access to the app store and the included VR headset.

The Omni One is every gamer's dream to truly step inside the virtual world. The device is light and foldable, ideal for home storage. The VR treadmill empowers players the freedom to walk, run, jump, and crouch in VR. This is achieved through moving the player's feet on a low friction parabolic surface that is paired with special shoes.

In comparison between the Omni, which was designed to be used in commercial entertainment facilities, the consumer version will be far more user-friendly and will include a VR headset to play PC VR games that should work straight out of the box.

There's no confirmation which VR headset will be included with the Omni One. The company will be releasing their own app store with games and experiences to support the VR treadmill. This would be bundled with monthly subscription "Omni Online" for online gaming. 

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