OnPoint Surgical Receives U.S. Patent for Augmented Reality Guidance for Spinal Surgery

OnPoint Medical, OnPoint Surgical and OnPoint Knee are privately held medical device companies that pioneer Augmented Reality (AR). This guidance is available for many procedures including spine surgery, hip replacement, arthroscopic and robotic. A Scientific Advisory Board is made up of representatives from renowned institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and Weill Cornell Medical College.

OnPoint technology can be used for all types of spinal, neurosurgical and orthopedic procedures. OnPoint technology is being expanded to many new uses and indications.

OnPoint Surgical is a pioneering technology company in Augmented Reality (AR), guidance for neurosurgical procedures and orthopedic spinal procedures, announced that it has received its United States Patent No. The title of "Augmented Reality Guidance for Spinal Procedures Using Stereoscopic Optic See-Through Head Mount Displays with Cameras and 3D Scanners" (US Patent No. 11,050,990) was chosen to be honored at Boston Invented Here! ceremony on November 10, 2021.

OnPoint Surgical is changing the face of spinal surgery. This includes deformity correction, minimally invasive, and endoscopic procedures. Augmented Reality (AR), a platform that overlays virtual surgical guides, virtual spinal implants, onto the patient's spine directly in the surgeon’s visual field using a unique see-through optical head-mounted monitor. This technology has many clinical and intraoperative benefits, including high accuracy, procedural efficiency, and time savings. OnPoint AR technology can be used for manual surgery and it is an enabler of the next generation robotic systems that use optics instead or in combination with haptics.

Philipp Lang, MD, founder and CEO of OnPoint, said that the company is delighted to have been recognized for their innovative work in Augmented Reality and surgical guidance. High spatial accuracy is required for spinal procedures that are technically complicated. For excellent results for spinal patients, it is essential to perform the surgery accurately. OnPoint Augmented Reality technology provides surgeons with a much improved hand-eye coordination. It displays virtual surgical guides directly onto the patient's spine, improving accuracy. This allows patients to return to their normal daily activities quickly. Augmented reality technology allows virtual spinal implants to be displayed directly on the spine via augmented reality. This is a breakthrough in non-robotic, robot, and manual surgical procedures. It also makes it possible to speed up recovery time for millions of patients.

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