Orah 4i Launches in the US and Makes Live VR Achievable

Orah 4i is the first camera custom-designed for live streaming events in Virtual Reality. It has broadcasted high-profile events such as Sony Crackle’s red-carpet premiere of “The Art of More”, the French Open and the Google I/O conference this year. Now, Orah 4i is officially shipping in the US, promising many more live VR experiences for consumers.


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2016 has often been predicted to be the year in which Virtual Reality takes off and reaches the consumer market. And while affordable VR glasses have found their way to the masses, there is still an essential part missing: High-quality content to watch. “The main reason is that producing VR content is often complicated, time-consuming and expensive,” explains Nicolas Burtey, CEO and founder of Orah. “With Orah 4i we aim to change this by offering a solution that makes VR content creation easier, quicker and more affordable for professionals.”


Orah 4i is the first all-in-one VR camera capable of capturing and streaming high-quality 360 video in real-time with the push of a button. It renders professional image quality, possesses incorporated 3D sound capabilities and is directly integrated with YouTube. This way anybody can set up the camera, log in to the web app and stream live in 360. No additional editing and no further equipment is needed.


The camera can be set up anywhere – on the red carpet with the stars at a movie premiere, on stage with the band at a concert or right next to the field at a sports match. Thereby Orah 4i offers the audience a whole new viewing experience, at the heart of the action, with an ability to choose their own perspective on the event. Orah 4i is available for $3,595 US on www.orah.co.


About Orah

Orah is a leader in virtual reality solutions. Founded in 2012 under the name VideoStitch the company quickly established itself as a major provider of high quality live and postproduction 360° video creation software. With Orah 4i it entered the hardware market in 2016, offering the first all-in-one 4K camera designed for VR live streaming. Orah thus provides a solution for every scenario in VR video production on the market to date. Its customer base ranges from small production houses to Fortune 500 companies in over 62 countries, primarily from the entertainment and media industry. Originally founded in Paris, Orah is now headquartered in California. Today it employs a team of 40 VR enthusiasts across Paris, Santa Clara and Los Angeles. For more information please visit www.orah.co.


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