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OSVR Adds 13 New Partners

OSVR ecosystem is an open source platform. Companies such as Unity, Unreal, Intel, Bosch, Razer, Sixense, and Leapmotion are all supporters of the OSVR. This week OSVR unfolds 13 new partners to add to their open-source VR platform. Let us take a look at what they do:

1. 3DRudder

OSVR Partner


3DRudder is a feet-controlled 3D navigation and motion controller for gaming and 3Dd design. The device is used while seated. The user simply rests their feet on it. To move forward, the user tilts the device to the desired direction. Rotating the device implies a similar movement in the game or the CAD software. The pedal enables the user to also move either up or down.



2. Cyberith



The Cyberith Virtualizer enable players to sit, walk, run, and interact with the virtual world in every direction. The Cyberith Virtualizer can be a great training tool as their software tracks speed, distance traveled, and calorie consumption. The fields of application can be used beyond gaming for VR training, architecture, tourism, medical therapy, education, etc…



3. SoftKinetic



SoftKinetic is the leading provider of 3D vision technology for consumer electronics and industrial applications covering three core areas:

• Touch-less Gesture control

• Context awareness: to enable devices to gather and use information about their environment, including location, time of day, user activity, and nearby users or devices.

• Real world acquisition: to collect accurate 3D models of the real world



SoftKinetic’s Cross-platform 3D vision technology includes depth sense sensors, depth sense cameras, depth sense modules, middleware, and user experiences.


4. Tactical Haptics

Tactical Haptics


Tactical Haptics’ Reactive Grip™ touch feedback responds or reacts to the user’s motions and actions, conveys motion and force information through the handle of the device. Because of its ability to recreate the skin sensations of actually holding an object, this type of feedback creates an engaging experience that brings gaming interactions to life.



5. VR Union

vr union


VR Union previous product was an upgrade-kit for the Oculus DK1. Currently, their new product, Claire, is a $2450 industry grade VR headset for professionals.


6. Impulsonic

impulsonic vr


For game developers or game sound designers, the Impulsonic Phonon Suite uses physically-based audio technology to help produce next-generation game audio.



For architect or an acoustical consultant, the Impulsonic Acoustect platform, uses cloud-based wave simulation technology to help with reliably design buildings that sound great.


7. Sonic VR

sonic vr


The Sonic VR One is a standalone virtual reality headphone. It is the first consumer headphone capable of rendering the full spherical sound field (X, Y, and Z coordinates) for any listener. It plays music, movie, and video game audio with natural spaciousness and pin-point localization that blows away current market offerings. It is an ideal companion for the Oculus Rift and other Virtual Reality goggles for full 3D audio immersion.


8. VisiSonices



VisiSonices brings 3D sound to gaming, VR, and entertainment platforms through their RealSpace™ 3D Audio. The technology can place sound in virtual world with pinpoint accuracy, creating a complete immersive audio experience.


Also, through their advanced RealSpace™ Audio Panoramic Camera, VisiSonics can capture, measure, analyze and reproduce natural, fully dimensional sound in any environment.


9. Jaunt

jaunt vr osvr partnership


Jaunt’s technology is a total-solution for creating cinematic VR experiences. They have developed their own camera and audio recording technology, as well as the rendering techniques to make high-quality immersive content.



10. VR Bits

vr bits osvr partnership


A virtual reality content provider based in Oberkotzau, Germany and Canberra, Australia.



11. Lucidspace

lucid space ar


We couldn’t gather much information about this company, we just know this they are a VR content provider.


12. Tammeka Games

Tammeka Games

Tammeka Games


Tammeka is a new game developer currently working on a game called Radial-G : Racing Revolved. This will be their debut title supporting Oculus Rift, VR and standard displays.


13. Pixel Titans

strafe pixel titans vr

Developer of the retro shooter game, Strafe

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