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OTOY Presents Realistic Spherical Light Field Capture

OTOY had announced the first spherical light field capture of a realistic environment at FMX 2015, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany from May 5 to May 8.


realistic light field vr content rendering


OTOY Inc. is a Los Angles based company that specializes in cloud graphic, real-time 3D rendering and virtual reality content creation for entertainment, multimedia, tourism and various industries, the potential applications of OTOY’s light field VR capturing technology will surely expand with the brand new light field capture technology!


OTOY Spherical Light Field Capture Breakthrough

The spherical light field capture produces a ultra-accurate, navigable virtual scenery and field of view, meaning that, instead of only turning heads and browse around, the user is able to move and walk around inside the virtual scene! This revolutionary technology breakthrough unveils the limitation of only being able to use panoramic stereo images rendering, that merely allows users to look around but users cannot move around freely. Spherical light field capture is “THE SOLUTION!”


Jules Urbach CEO OTOY Inc.

Jules Urbach, Founder & CEO of OTOY Inc.

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“Imagine being able to step inside of the Great Pyramid or visit the Great Wall of China all from your own home with a completely accurate virtual recreation that was captured from the real thing,”


“Today’s demonstration of the first ever light field capture of a real world environment will enable experiences just like that, and many more as the technology evolves. Just as light field capture of people was a tremendous milestone that advanced film and entertainment, we feel that today’s breakthrough will be equally as significant for the medium of VR and the experiences that are enabled by it.”

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At FMX 2015, during a session called “Light Fields for Virtual Reality”, OTOY’s Chief Scientific Consultant Paul Debevec shows the process to capture the light field of a space using a prototype camera array with dual cameras installed. The light field data of the space was rendered instantaneously and virtually, mirroring the reality and grit of the natural world, hence allowing users to look around in any direction and move in the space as if they were actually there.


virtual reality move look around


In OTOY’s own words, the groundbreaking demonstration marks an important step for the medium, opening the door to compelling, authentic virtual reality recreations of popular travel and tourism sites, and new sports and entertainment opportunities, while moving the industry closer to achieving photo-realistic live action virtual reality experiences using light fields and the ultimate goal of enabling a complete sense of presence when in a virtual environment!


otoy light field capture


As Jules Urbach once said “ Our goal is not to build a storefront to sell games or apps in the cloud but to build the intermediate layers.” OTOY has provided an amazing, innovative technology that could revolutionize VR content creation.


The equipment from the demo video has a minimal appearance and very lean structure, we wonder how much it’s going to cost and when will this technology be available for consumer market? We will keep our readers informed if there is a new update!


Image & Content Source: Otoy & Fortune



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