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Owlchemy Labs Brings Celebrated VR Experiences to Apple Vision Pro

In a groundbreaking move that bridges past successes with future technology, Owlchemy Labs, a trailblazer in virtual reality gaming, has announced its plans to introduce the iconic Job Simulator (2016) and its engaging sequel Vacation Simulator (2019) to the Apple Vision Pro. This decision marks a significant moment in VR entertainment, offering an immersive leap into virtual worlds through Apple’s cutting-edge technology.

Chart-topping Successes Transition to Next-gen VR

The ‘Simulator’ franchise by Owlchemy Labs has consistently captured the hearts of VR enthusiasts, amassing over a million downloads across major VR platforms. Job Simulator, a satirical take on the workplace, has remained a top contender in VR gaming since its debut. Its sequel, Vacation Simulator, extends this legacy, providing family-friendly, room-scale adventures that are accessible and enjoyable for all ages. Priced at $20 for Job Simulator and $30 for Vacation Simulator, both games are set to enhance the Vision Pro’s lineup with their respective free content updates, promising even richer virtual experiences.

Innovative Adaptation for Vision Pro’s Unique Capabilities

Originally developed for VR motion controllers, the adaptation of these beloved games to the Vision Pro presents a unique challenge due to the headset’s absence of traditional controllers. However, Owlchemy Labs is expected to leverage the Vision Pro’s sophisticated hand-tracking technology, offering a novel way to interact with the virtual environments of both Job and Vacation Simulator. This adaptation not only showcases the studio’s commitment to innovation but also sets a precedent for how VR content can evolve to meet the capabilities of new platforms.

Owlchemy Labs: A Decade of Pioneering VR Content

Since its inception in 2010 and subsequent acquisition by Google in 2017, Owlchemy Labs has been at the forefront of VR content creation. The studio’s portfolio includes the Emmy-nominated Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (2017) and the latest VR adventure, Cosmonious High (2022). With a teaser at GDC 2022 hinting at a groundbreaking VR game designed specifically for hand-tracking and multiplayer gameplay, Owlchemy continues to push the boundaries of VR entertainment, ensuring its revered titles are accessible on the most advanced headsets available.

Future of VR Gaming on Apple Vision Pro

The introduction of Job and Vacation Simulator to the Apple Vision Pro signals a significant shift in the VR landscape, where casual content consumption and productivity applications are becoming increasingly prominent. As Owlchemy Labs adapts its flagship games for hand-tracking, it paves the way for other developers to explore innovative approaches to VR gaming on this new platform. This move not only enriches the Vision Pro’s ecosystem but also highlights the versatility and potential of VR technology to create immersive, interactive experiences beyond traditional gaming paradigms.

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