Sydney, Australia-based virtual reality studio Start VR transports viewers into the next generation of “choose-your-own-adventure” series with a vintage Film Noir twist in a new murder mystery VR experience, “VR Noir,” now available for download on Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. The virtual reality experience places viewers in the first-person perspective of Veronica Coltrane, a former cop-turned P.I., struggling to make ends meet in the throes of a child support battle. When a woman walks into Veronica’s office asking for help locating her husband, the viewer is faced with a difficult decision. Is Mrs. Stackhouse truly a woman in grief? Or is something far more sinister going on?



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Click HERE to download VR Noir in the Samsung Gear Store, HERE for iTunes and HERE for Google Play.

“VR Noir” was conceived by Start VR Executive Producer Nathan Anderson, who brings extensive experience creating mysteries for mobile apps to the world of VR filmmaking. After viewing many passive VR experiences, Anderson had the idea to elevate the level of interactivity and engagement within the burgeoning medium.

“We wanted to explore how film and gaming VR experiences they could live together,” says Anderson. “Can you have a cinematic experience that also allows you to have some agency in the outcome? My career quest is to find the convergence of storytelling, game design and interactivity.”

Noir was the ideal genre for Start VR to begin their experiment. “Detective stories are a familiar genre,” says VR Supervisor Martin Taylor. “We started from a familiar place where all the tropes are well known – a lonesome main character, a femme fatale, a mystery to solve. Then we placed it in the unfamiliar medium of VR.”

“Crime drama works really well because there’s a natural inclination for the audience to want to work out what’s happened,” adds Anderson. “If you’re reading a mystery book, you’re trying to find out who did it and stay one step ahead of the detective. Crime is an easy access point to figuring out how to generate interactivity in VR while still focusing on the story.”


In addition to exploring a new technology, Start VR wanted to conduct an experiment into the philosophic concept of alterity, the notion of being someone else.

“We started with a male protagonist,” says Anderson. “But then, I thought, if we’re going to try and change things in VR and make a statement, and get people out of their comfort zones, then let’s change the gender as well.” As a result, Veronica Coltrane was born. “We know that most of the VR audience right now is male. This will allow the audience to transform and become someone they’re not. Will they feel like a female? Will they feel like a detective? Will they feel like they were a part of the story, as opposed to passive participants? We can’t wait to find out.”

“VR Noir” debuts on the Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard headsets today, after a successful launch at the Sydney Vivid Festival and Montreal Film Festival.


VR Production Company: Start VR

Executive Producer/VR Showrunner: Nathan Anderson

Executive Producer/VR Supervisor: Martin Taylor

Writer/Co-Creator: Mike Jones

Producer: Nathan Anderson p.g.a.

1st AD: Dimitri Ellerington

Data Wrangler: Peter Magdas

Costume Designer: Bec Sheedy

Hair & Makeup Artist: Victoria Walton

Amourer: Daniel Martin, ARMS AND FX

Production Manager and Casting: Carolina Sorensen

Technical Director: Jaegar Battersby

Digital Producer: Derek Proud

Art Director: Kain Tietzel

Design: Isabella Povolny

Game Designer: Dayle Keiron

Unity Developer: Sylvain Aimoz

Title Design and Motion Graphics: Emanuele Grisa

Co-Production Partner: AFTRS

Executive Producer: Martin Brown

Performance Director: Robert Klenner

Story Consultants: Steve Vidler, Nell Greenwood

Research Strategist: Penelope Thomas

Production Manager: Dejay Vi Nguyen

Unit Production Manager: Denai Gracie

Cinematographer: Kim Batterham

1st Camera Assistant: Daniel Grey

2nd Camera Assistant: Lucca Barone-Peters

Grip: Tony Bosch

Gaffer: Martin Perrott

Best Boy: Josef Heks

Sound Recordists: Benjamin Ryan, Oliver Brighton

Production Designers: Igor Nay, Sarah Stollman

Art Department: Aisha Kirkby, Annie Wright, Carita Gronroos, Courtney Covey, Darren Hardie, Jason Ness, Jean-Pierre Yomona Sharne Everard, Wayne Smith

Continuity: Brent Williams

Stills Photographer: Elena Gan

Behind-the-Scenes Camera Operators: Lisa Xia, Raj Muneshwar

Composers: Martin Armiger, David Bruggemann

Sound Supervisor: Andrew Belletty

Sound Designers: Benjamin Ryan, Lucca Barone-Peters, Oliver Brighton

Casting Consultant: Wendy Thompson

User Experience Researcher: Gabiann Marin

Co-Production Partner, Visual Effects and Post-Production: FSM

VFX Producer: Martin Thorne

Editor: Patrick Townsend

Assistant Editor: Sam Bright

CG Supervisor: Dylan Neill

VFX Supervisor: Phil Stuart-Jones

Stitching and Compositing: Stuart Cadzow, Phil Stuart-Jones

Additional Compositing: Robert Dinnerville, Patrick Townsend, Martin Thorne

Colorist: Tom Meares

3D Research: Adam Waddington


Veronica Coltrane: Anita Hegh

Adam: Felix Williamson

Ilsa: Suza Dougherty

Suited Man: Markus Hamilton

Woman: Alice Keohavong

Old Man: Albert Goldingay

Randall: Nicholas Hope

Rosemary: Meredith Penman

Hooded Figure: Daniel Martin

June Coltrane: Darcey Anderson

About Start VR

Start VR is a dedicated Virtual Reality content and production studio, devoted to the creation of beautiful and immersive Virtual Reality experiences. Start VR offers bespoke solutions for the creation of branded entertainment, education and training, gaming and immersive storytelling for virtual reality devices. Our team consists of specialized VR designers, developers and producers so that we can shield you from the technical headaches that come from working with frontier technology. Together, we can create compelling virtual experiences that will delight your customers, inspire your staff and realize new value from your existing expertise. We develop 360 video, game environments, animation and productivity enhancement tools for the Oculus Rift, GearVR and Google Cardboard.


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