Oculus VR Announced Rock Band VR Exclusive Release On Oculus Rift In 2016 At The Game Awards

If you ever wanted to be a rock star, the time is now! Just announced at The Game Awards, Harmonix and Oculus are bringing Rock Band only to the Rift in 2016.


rock band game

Oculus’s Rock Band VR is inspired by the original Rock Band series!


This brand new, made-for-VR game inspired by the original Rock Band puts you on the (virtual) stage where you can be the rock star you’ve always dreamed of!


Rockband VR oculus


At The Game Awards, Palmer Lucky went on to announced the new partnership with Harmonix to bring Rock Band VR to life! Which is set to release around the same time with Oculus Rift consumer version’s official launch in Q1 2016.


rock band vr

Rock Band VR Oculus Rift Exclusive Release

In regards to Rock Band fans and gamers’ complain to the Rock Band VR exclusive release on Oculus Rift, Oculus VR kindly replied:

“We funded it, we produced it, and the hardware interfaces with our tracking system. Expecting it everywhere is unreasonable.” This practically eliminates the chances of seeing Rock Band VR come to the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR HMDs, then, though it doesn’t rule out Oculus VR’s mobile-based HMD, Gear VR. ( via VR Focus )


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