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Patrón Tequila Presents Virtual Reality Video

The premium Tequila brewer Patrón has always been a master at branding. Marketing the brand as the world’s most stylish premium Tequila, loved by celebrities and particular high profile hip hop artists such as Wiz Khalifa!

firstborn patron 360 video

Patrón Tequila is presenting its first ever virtual reality promo video “The Art of Patrón” The VR video is the collaborative effort between Patrón and creative agency Firstborn.

patron hacienda headquarter

The Art of Patrón turns the audience into a busy flying bee! The video was intended to take you on a virtual tour to Patrón’s Hacienda Headquarter in Mexico and sunny tequila field, all through a bee’s field of view!



Firstborn shot the video with a 360heros camera rig, installed on a custom-made flying drone. The video footage was stitched together seamlessly to create ultimate Patrón Tequila bee VR experience! Here is behind the scene video: The Patrón Oculus Virtual Reality Experience:

drone patron vr

360heros drone

Patrón is one of our favorite tequila brands when we go bar hopping with friends. I always feed my buddies with tons of beer first and try to finish them off and get them wasted with never ending streams of tequila shots. I will also make sure I make fun of them the next day, good old times!!!

tequila shot made me do it

When we were in college, this is how we rolled! Tequila was like our best friend! Image Source: The Guardian

Correct me if I am wrong, Patrón seems to be the first brewer to promote their product and branding using virtual reality and 360 video technology. Well done Patrón! Now, can I have my shots?

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