pawculus rift headset for dog

Pawculus Rift: The First Virtual Reality Headset For Your Dog

Every year on April Fool’s, the social media will be flooded with pranks and jokes, some are hilarious and some are truly creative. This year we noticed something different. Last year and the year before, we didn’t see any virtual or augmented reality related April Fool’s joke, but this year we saw two. We can see that virtual reality is really gradually taking over and changing our lives, even on the way we make jokes!


literal reality LR glasses april fools

Literal Reality Glasses smelling and touching demo


One is An A Literal Reality (LR) glasses made by a firm named Sclera, and the next is our favorite. Introducing the first ever high tech and high resolution virtual reality headset for dogs, Pawculus Rift! Even the name made us smile!


Pawculus Rift is a super cute, lighthearted April Fool’s joke that will make you smile! Made by Boston based marketing firm Cramer. This is a clever campaign that will definitely gain some attention for Cramer.


VR Humor From Cramer Employees In Pawculus Rift Prank Demo

Here is our favorite quote from Cramer employee in the Pawculus Rift prank video, a quote that was simply put and made a whole lot of sense!

quote new 1 Pawculus Rift is gonna revolutionize the VR industry, mainly because there isn’t one. we are changing that! new quote 2


A dog VR  meeting that no one is paying attention

A dog VR meeting that no one is paying attention

Virtual Nose Navigation For Your Dog

The whole video is just super cute and there is one part that we thought was pretty funny! Below is a dog’s virtual reality view inside the Pawculus Rift, adopting virtual nose technology that prevents headache and sickness. Just hilarious!


virtual nose for dogs

Virtual nose for your dog to prevent 3D headache! Genius idea indeed!

Virtual Prank Might Become True In The Future

Because people are crazy, and people around the world are digging and unfolding every possibility in virtual and augmented reality, we are afraid some day in the near future Pawculus Rfit or something similar will really happen and being made! And can we also see it on cats?

Author: VR Reporter

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  1. awwwwwwww….. I’d get one for my dog Poppy!

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  2. Cute video and nice write up but I was really disappointed at your use of the word “retarded.” It’s an incredibly demeaning word and using it undermines what is otherwise a great post. I hope you will consider rewriting that sentence (there are a thousand ways to make the same point that are clever and don’t rely on an offensive, trite word).

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    • Hello FriendofAthena, thank you very very much for your kind suggestion, I totally agree and changing it now! Cheers!

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