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The United Nations has endorsed along with landscape architecture, urban planning, Virtual reality and Internet of things publications the simple global peace project which uses old and new technologies to promote world peace. It is a unique way for people to celebrate art monuments and heroic world peacemakers with the latest AR and VR technology. On September 4, the United Nations invited peace walkway artist Paul-Felix Montez to speak at the U.N. in New York City for World Peace day after winning the Billion acts for peace (Google backed) global peace award.

Launched online in November 2015 by artist and sculptor Paul-Felix Montez, his peace walkway project began with a simple vision, that could demonstrate a simple singular idea, of peace beyond barriers, cities, nations and borders. A world wide monument that address’ the vast disparity of millions of war monuments versus how many for peace.

Modeled on extremely successful civic walkway projects that have had great community local success he envisioned the use of 21st century technology in the form of an App which would connect and inform all the locations and millions of visitors to any and all sites. The app would offer a vast array of Ar and VR storytelling opportunities drawing from the hundreds of peacemakers over the centuries who have effectively changed our world.


The Peace Walkway project is a simple vision of locating one, mile-long peace art monument in 100 different locations (cities, towns, and parks, etc.) around the world. Each peace walkway Monument is one mile long made up of 250 different bronze plaques commemorating significant world heroic peacemakers – men and women whose courage and commitment to our greater humanity have changed our lives forever.


The free global walkway app will use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) offering full bios for each peacemaker and the ability for anyone at one walkway location to connect and chat to another person at any of the installed monuments in the world. Thus everyone using the app gets to converse with anyone from anyone in the world.

How do the AR and VR apps work?

Using the free Augmented Reality App, simply point it at any given plaque, and two things happen. First, an Augmented reality image of the famous Peacemaker will appear, click on that image and a full biographical timeline of the entire life of that peacemaker is yours to explore. As you explore the story, a symbol [VR] or virtual reality will be seen along the way.

Click on that [VR] symbol, put on your virtual reality goggles such as Google cardboard and get the opportunity to view as if you were that famous peacemaker various moments and events through their eyes. From Martin Luther King ’s speech “I have a Dream” given in Washington D.C. to Mother Theresa’s daily caring for those in a leper colony, and all seen by you through their point of view.

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