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Perception Neuron: Virtual Reality Motion Capturing Game Changer

Perception Neuron is a Chinese VR startup company with advanced motion capture technology. Perception Neuron was developed and nested under Noitom Inc based in Beijing, a motion-capture company founded in 2011.




Perception Neuron, led by Noitom CTO Tristan Dai, has the potential to be the game changer in the field of motion capture technology. Motion capture technology itself would be a gigantic industry in its own right, the potential application would only be limited by one’s imagination!


perception neuron motion capture demo


Perception Neutron’s core value and mission is making top notch motion tracking and capturing technology and equipment accessible and affordable to everyone! You can purchase Perception Neuron equipment on Kickstarter, or on this page. The Kickstarter campaign was a success, which surpassed more than double of the original goal!



Motion capturing was once a closed door technology that’s only available to Hollywood producers and animation team such as Pixar, mainly because it is simply too expensive for majority of mainstream consumers. Now the barrier has been crushed for good!


perception neuron lightweight small size

Extremely lightweight and tiny in size are among the greatest competitive advantage!


Perception Neuron is the world’s smallest inertial sensors based motion capture system, with merely 1 cm x 1 cm in size, ultra-lightweight, and equipped with 9 active sensors ( gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer ), and supports Window, OSX, Unity, Oculus SDK. Essentially, all you really need is a computer, a wireless router and Perception Neuron equipment.


Users can control where the sensor is located. For example, if you want to capture the intricate movement of the fingers, you would place the sensor on the fingers for precision motion capturing.


Perception Neuron’s affordable motion capturing equipment enables fresh new applications to be applied in existing industries. Below are just a few examples:


Virtual reality content creation

Film and animation

Special effect



Performance such as ballet dancing

Sports analysis such as golf swing posture

Medical and rehabilitation for injured patients

Martial arts training

Job Training


Perception Neuron convinced us with 3 main key factors: affordability, ultra-lightweight, wearability, and accurate real-time motion capture transmittance to USB with wifi connection. We are looking forward to test Perception Neuron in the near future!


Perhaps, very soon, I will be making goofy videos using Perception Neuron to capture me dancing as a bear avatar for friend’s birthday on the fly!


Source & Image: Perception Neuron, Kickstarter


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