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Playing a Role to Compete and the Rise of VR

When playing a game we can become something more than ourselves in order to indulge, enjoy and function within the game. Playing Monopoly makes us into a banker or investor and in Cluedo a murder suspect and investigator. These can add more fun to the experience or be necessary so that someone gets into role and it affects the game. Games such as Dungeons & Dragons are known as role-playing games for this very reason.


This idea of adopting a role in a game has passed over to video games as you will mostly become the character in the game. Older games such as Mario Bros. or Pac-Man, you control the titular characters and act accordingly. This becomes more complex with virtual RPGs such as Final Fantasy, as you name your character, customise their abilities, roles, equipment and more.




This character integration can be seen in competitive games. The Street Fighter series is known for it’s diverse cast of characters and so the player can connect with some more than others. As you play, you will inhabit the character’s playstyle and play aggressively, defensively, systematically, etc. to match the character you choose. Overwatch also embodies this, as you choose from the characters all with their unique playstyle, advantages and disadvantage and personality. You embody this character in order to succeed and play to the maximum of your ability. Even online casinos games can have similar ideas. You can start out with a great casino bonus at Red Flush and soon inhabit a new character. Playing as yourself may not get you far in this virtual competitive casino, so adopting a slick and confident persona can help you to win.


VR technology is on the rise and could be the next big step in video gaming. This can have many applications but it will mostly help to immerse a player into the digital world. You can experience more of the game when it completely surrounds you, rather than looking from just one angle. You will be inside the world, with the characters, hear all the sounds and more, adding further engrossment into the game.




This could have a large impact on competitive games. Overwatch for example would allow you to have stronger peripheral vision to spot enemies it will let you see enemies, allow you use terrain more effectively and have greater freedom to look and aim in different directions at the same time. In a casino game such as Red Flush’s poker, you can play with people from all over the world as if they were in the room. This will let you accurately play the game and add the real world elements fully. With VR you will be able to experience full casino setting. The architecture, design, the rooms, exhibitions and feeling of being in a casino can be replicated. You would also be able to move around freely from game to game to play or spectate, rather than using fixed menus to navigate between games.


As games evolve, playing a role will be more important than ever, and with VR, we may already be there.

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