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Poker VR is releasing The Mutant Update !

Poker VR is releasing one of its biggest update up to now. New avatars will be added to the already most sophisticated avatars in social VR and some major improvements will be available for players on Rift to make the poker experience as natural and flawless as possible.

Unlocking these avatars is not easy though, play the game between October 18th and 20th and wait for a certain UFO to appear and apply some…. Magic.

On the other hand, after running qualifiers for 5 weeks and reuniting 1000 players from all around the world and from all platforms, the Main Event of the Poker VR Championship will see 70 players fight for the title. Phil Hellmuth and Zimtock5, a famous VR streamer, will be part of the cast.

Here is Phil announcing it with his own avatar in VR:

Poker VR is the best performing cross platform app in the Social VR category. It is also the highest grossing free to play app on the oculus platform.

San Francisco, 18th of October 2018 – The Mutants update, coming out this Thursday, the 17th of October will add new mutant avatars to the Poker VR universe. A social event inside the game will take place on the same day, when the update is live. The avatars will be available on Saturday for players.

Here are some key notes about the update:

  • New mutant avatars inspired by BoJack Horseman
  • New way of interacting with your play space at a table.
  • Introduction of new gifts and customizations.
  • Improvement in tournament play with auto table balancing and a UX revamp
  • Completely reworked interaction with chips. You can now naturally throw chips.
  • Shared social event linked to the Mutant Update.

The goal of this update is to introduce a new social universe to Poker VR while improving the poker experience at tables. Poker VR will be the first social VR app to introduce animal-like avatars with eye-contact and realistic mouth movements. Poker VR has already managed to run cross platform events with 200 people participating in tournament mode. Improving the interactivity of every objects at the table and creating more avatars available for players are key points to running even bigger social events.

Hamza Siddiqui, CEO of Mega Particle, wrote a Medium blog post describing how he feels about the update:

Meghann “Xkwizitt” Dunphy, a regular VR poker player from Canada, shares: ‘From the beginner poker players, to the more advanced, Poker VR offers it all in a realistic casino setting and the most realistic avatars in the VR community.” and she adds: “After one hand, I was hooked. Not just to the immersive, realistic environment, but to the kind of people I met from all corners of the world who not only were so kind and patient but made me the strong player I am today.”

On the same topic, Daniel “Snakeyes32” Evans, from Texas, US, added: “I’ve met many good people at the tables from all around the world. Many have become good friends of mine. It’s great to have Social conversation with friends while testing your poker skills in the process.”

Poker VR is developed by Mega Particle a company building the next generation of social games through virtual reality.

Mega Particle was founded by Hamza Siddiqui and Marco Kobelt in 2014. Siddiqui always was excited about Social VR and Kobelt is a professional poker player. They realized that online poker never was able to bring the real life, social, engaging experience of poker and that is why they understood that with VR they could bring the excitement of real life poker at home.

To learn more about the team and the product please visit our website:

If you would like further information on Poker VR please contact:

Augustin Ottaviani, Growth Manager, Poker VR


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