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Portal 2 in Virtual Reality: A Game-Changing Experience

In a groundbreaking move, Portal 2, the critically acclaimed puzzle-platform game, is now ready to be experienced in a virtual reality environment. This transformation has been made possible by the Flat2VR mod, an impressive effort that brings 6DOF support and full motion controls to the game, enhancing its immersive potential.

Flat2VR Mod: Breathing New Life into Portal 2

While Portal fans might recall the ApertureVR mod that introduced Portal 2-inspired chambers in Half-Life: Alyx, this new development takes things a notch higher. Spearheaded by Giovanni ‘Gistix’ Correia, a prominent member of the Flat2VR modding group, this mod offers players the opportunity to dive into the entire Portal 2 campaign in VR. Available on Github, the project also extends support for Steam Workshop content, widening the scope of user-generated experiences.

A Glimpse into the VR Adaptation

For those eager to witness the magic of Portal 2 in VR, a comprehensive 20-minute walkthrough video showcases the game in action. The mod’s execution ensures that the essence of Portal 2 remains intact while delivering an enriched user experience with the added dimension of virtual reality.

Performance and Potential Issues

As with all new developments, the Portal 2 VR mod has its share of initial challenges. Gistix has candidly shared some existing issues, such as the in-game UI and pause menu not functioning as intended. However, players can remain optimistic, as there are plans on the horizon to rectify these glitches. Forthcoming enhancements include integrating Portal 2’s native haptic feedback and refining the 6DoF and roomscale support for a smoother gameplay experience.

Easy Installation for Enthusiasts

Dedicated fans keen on venturing into the virtual world of Portal 2 can access the mod installation instructions on the official Github page. To enjoy Portal 2 in VR, players must own the base game. Presently, there’s a limited-time offer on Steam: the Portal Bundle, encompassing both of Valve’s celebrated games, is available at a staggering 93% discount, priced at a mere $1.48. This offer lasts until 10 am Pacific time on Sept. 19th, making it an opportune moment for avid gamers to add these classics to their collection.


The introduction of VR support for Portal 2 marks a significant milestone in the gaming world. Through the dedicated efforts of the Flat2VR modding group, players can now immerse themselves in the intricate puzzles and captivating storyline of Portal 2 with an added layer of realism. As the boundaries between reality and virtual worlds continue to blur, such innovations pave the way for future advancements in gaming, promising richer and more engaging experiences for players worldwide.

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