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Quantum Interface Teams W/ EyeTech Digital System To Showcase Quantum Virtual Augmented Reality Interface @ CES 2016

Technology and our natural body movements are becoming increasingly more in sync thanks to Quantum User Interface solutions from Quantum Interface (Qi) that combine eye-tracking and motion control.


Eyes are the fastest-moving part of the human body and there is no control system capable of handling eye speed – until now. Now by simply moving our eyes, we can predictively control many of our devices including our cars and gaming systems, faster and easier than any other system. Quantum Interface has changed the way we engage our devices by allowing our eyes to select what we want. No hold, dwell or gaze required.

“Interacting with technology should be fun and easy. It should also be natural and intuitive. If you think about it, we look with our eyes to see what we want before we do anything else,” said Jonathan Josephson, COO/CTO of Quantum Interface. “We are excited to be working with EyeTech Digital Systems at CES 2016 to unveil the fastest and most natural way to interact inside your vehicle and for wearable AR/VR head-mounted displays.”

1. Quantum Automotive Head Up Display (QiHUD): Distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways leading to 3,154 deaths from distracted driving crashes in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A primary way to reduce distracted driving is to ensure maximum eyeball time on the road. The Quantum Automotive Head Up Display combines eye tracking and predictive technology for easier adjusting of controls while driving. The eye tracker “sees” the direction of eye movement and user intent is predicted and confirmed with touch or voice.

2. Quantum Virtual Augmented Reality Interface (QiVARI) with Eye Tracking is the first predictive UI solution for AR/VR environments. The demo, displayed on a Google Wearable AR/VR eye-tracking solution, combines Quantum’s motion control UI with eye tracking to provide manufacturers of wearable devices with a faster, easier and more natural user interface.


Quantum Interface technology, which is patented and available for licensing to major consumer electronics manufacturers, is transforming the way we navigate and interact with information and entertainment. People often confuse “motion” and “gestures” when they are very different. Current gesture technology is slow, unnatural and requires a long learning curve, while Quantum’s motion control UI is fast and intuitive for users who can just move naturally.

“We are introducing a fourth element of the User Interface. You are probably familiar with the three existing ways to control devices – touch, gesture and voice commands. Our interface works with all three, bringing added functionality, and also can stand alone as a dynamic motion and eye-tracking interface that can predict user intent. The result is an interface that is an entirely new experience,” Josephson said. “Our motion control brings another choice to people that is a drastic improvement in the way we interface with our different devices. You won’t want to go back to the old way of being limited to only touch, voice or gestures.”

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About Quantum Interface (www.quantuminterface.com)

Quantum Interface, a Motion Control User Interface solutions provider, has created the fastest UI platform available, with 2D and 3D application solutions available for interacting with wearables, mobile devices, virtual/augmented reality devices and smarter, connected automobiles.

Its revolutionary Quantum User Interface improves the user experience with responsive, exponentially faster scrolling, navigating, selecting and managing content. Designed to be universal, the dynamic predictive motion interface works with any device or system, regardless of the sensors installed or type of touch or touchless environment, and can be added to any application or operating system. The motion engine is implemented through its apps and SDK. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

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About EyeTech ( http://www.eyetechds.com )

Founded in 1996, EyeTech Digital Systems is a global leader in eye-tracking technology. EyeTech’s engineering expertise in eye tracking and image processing has helped companies across the globe incorporate eye-tracking technology into products such as speech devices for the disabled, security, automotive, safety, digital signage, consumer products and research systems.

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