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Violescence – VR Art Project By FIELD UK

Virtual reality is being adopted by artists as a new medium of creative and artistic expression. Violescence is creative project, which is an extension and continuation of an ongoing exploration of multimedia.

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FIELD Studio Explores Immersive Virtual Reality As New Medium

FIELD Studio explores immersive virtual reality experiences connected to sculpture, photography, and video manipulated with visual effects; a blend between physical and digital environments and identities.


The project is created by FIELD ( ), a creative studio for digital art & design based in UK. Here is another non-virtual reality related, but visually stunning video by FIELD for Adidas x Stella McCartney.


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Quasar Built W/ Oculus Rift VR Headset

Violescence is an exhibition that explores visions of a near future, focusing on the new work of art – Quasar: three futuristic looking wearable sculptures with built-in Oculus Rift VR headsets, each giving access to an interactive, audiovisual and immersive VR experience.


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Quotes From FIELD Managing Dirctor: Quasar Helmet ( Source: Dezeen )

“We worked really closely with Studio Makecreate who fabricated the helmets. They were amazing partners in achieving the forms and finishes that we were after, and making the sculptures wearable at the same time.” FIELD managing director Vera-Maria Glahn told Dezeen.


“Each of the sculptures is the result of a very elaborate manual process – a strong contrast to the digital tools that we started the design process with in the studio,” Vera – Maria Glahn


“The works represent landscapes, architecture and objects of the future as seen by the artist, and foreshadow the change in the perception of reality by future generations through the influence of contemporary technology.” – FIELD.


“Viewers dive into a graphical galaxy filled with sound and music, which they control with their arm gestures and viewing direction: a continuous process of creation, modification and destruction of a visual and sound composition.” Vera-Maria Glahn


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FIELD also created the software used to produce the immersive sounds and imagery. Participants wear a wristband sensor that recognizes arm gestures using acceleration and gyroscope data.


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Layers of fiberglass, polypropylene and other synthetic materials were used to build the bizarre, other-worldly and exaggerated shapes of the helmet.


In each of the sculptures, the VR headsets offer different interactive audio-visual experiences that provides journeys and emotions of three personas – representing aggression, sensitivity and inquisitiveness.


It is quite inspiring and great to see artists and creative minds using virtual reality to make interesting art pieces and installations.


Content Source: FIELD, The Guardian, Post Matter, Dezeen

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