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Québec 2016 — IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography & Video Conference – May 23-27, 2016, Québec City, Canada

Spanning five days, experts, innovators and other key players in 360 photography and VR video will be presenting, demonstrating and discussing the present and future of these industries. The marketplace is open to the public.

First IVRPA Québec City Street View Challenge hosted by Google Street View

The event also marks the first time Google Street View has hosted a photography competition. Enrolled photographers will be invited to celebrate the best that Québec has to offer. Published 360 panoramas will be judged by a panel of industry veterans, prizes will be awarded, and the collective results will be promoted as Street View’s first featured grouping of 3rd–party contributions.

Conference sessions will include:

VR at Google — Jeremy Doig, Engineering VP, Virtual Reality at Google

Over the next few years, Virtual Reality technology will come to consumers in multiple forms – in imaging products, technology platforms and everyday consumption experiences. In this talk, Jeremy will outline Google’s work in this exciting field and the opportunities for creators and visual storytellers to reach the world with transformative experiences.

Chornobyl360: Creating a VR Documentary — Kirill Pokutnyy, cofounder WIT, Kyiv, Ukraine

Chornobyl360 is a new immersive VR documentary about the famous meltdown and city.

Shooting 360° Video: Challenges and Solutions — Ignacio Margelí Ferrando, Zaragoza, Spain

Ignacio will explain the different challenges these 360° video projects brought and the solutions that had to be developed to solve these. He will go into detail about three projects – Waterloo, Senegal and South Africa – because they involved collaborations with other 360 video professionals, and because this, for Ignacio, highlights the importance of the IVRPA conferences; this is where we met, and where the project seeds were planted. The networking that happens here can lead to partnerships that can solve difficult challenges and lead to amazing projects.

The Québec 2016 Conference Marketplace

The Marketplace is open free to the public on May 24-26, 2016, from 10 am to 6 pm. Come to the Marketplace to meet the manufacturers of equipment and software for the VR industry. A unique opportunity. Whatever parts of the 360 Panorama and VR worlds interest you, this is going to be a milestone event! Buy your ticket now! Seats are limited!

Event dates: May 23-27 2016,
Location: Hôtel Château Laurier, Québec City, Canada.
Web Site: http://ivrpa.org/event/quebec-2016/


Contact: Luc Villeneuve
Cell Phone: +1 418 931-3600
Email: luc.villeneuve@ivrpa.org
Website: www.ivrpa.org/

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IVRPA – International VR Photography Association

The IVRPA is an international association of professionals who create and produce 360° immersive, interactive images and videos also called 360° panoramas and cinematic VR. Our members include professional photographers, programmers, web developers, designers, software developers, hardware manufactures, artists and enthusiasts, who produce and use 360° imaging techniques.


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