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Quytech Sees a Huge Demand in Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions

Immersive technologies such as VR and AR are among some of the most exciting and promising technologies of the current market. Augmented and Virtual Reality will radically change the ways humans use technology. It has the potential to disrupt many major industries.

“Digi-Capital evaluated that the virtual and augmented reality markets would hit $150 billion in revenue by the year 2020, with AR taking the majority of the money.”

Mr. Siddharth Garg, Director, Quy Technology Pvt Ltd, talks about Augmented Reality that, “Augmented Reality will be the new form factor for computing particularly for smartphones and Virtual Reality will a new form of immersive content consumption.”

Augmented Reality will be the new form factor for computing particularly for smartphones and Virtual Reality will a new form of immersive content consumption.

Incorporated in the Year 2010, Quy Technology Pvt Ltd provides bespoke Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Our clients are from across the world mostly from US, UK, Europe, Australia, and India. We have delivered more than 250+ projects, for our clients worldwide.

The Demand for AR/VR solutions

On an average, we are having five to ten inquiries in a week for various Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions. Some of the top Augmented Reality solutions in demand are:

Augmented Reality for publishers
Across the world print media publishers want digital content to be displayed alongside their printed media. AR is the way forward here. Publishers are looking at a Harry Porter type experience for their users.

Augmented Reality for Marketers
Marketers want to use AR in product packaging to bring forward their brand story, connect and engage consumers. A hugely popular app for winemaker 19 crimes is a perfect example of using AR for brand storytelling.

AR-based Instructional Manual
From car manufacturers to printer makers, each business is looking to ease the process of user training using Augmented Reality enabled manuals. The solution provides an easy step by step guide for the users of 3D.

Augmented Reality for Plastic Surgery
The biggest pain for a plastic surgeon has been solved by Augmented Reality. The patient can practically visualize how they will look after the surgery.

Virtual Reality-based Training
Virtual Reality based training programs are being developed across major companies. Companies have reported a significantly higher retention rate when using VR based training. VR based training is being undertaken to train employees in mass and reduce the overall costs of training.

Virtual Reality for Real Estate
Real Estate is the biggest consumer for Virtual Reality. Real Estate projects are being modeled in VR to give an immersive walkthrough to investors and consumers.

VR based Fire Safety
Training employees and firefighters on fire management is a daunting task because of the risks involved. VR based fire safety training provides a safe environment for the user to train themselves in fire safety.

Improving productivity
These technologies are significantly improving the productivity of the companies by shortening the learning curve and providing on spot information based on context. Companies who have used these technologies report productivity improvement from 15-30%.

As new and affordable hardware is introduced, the market will offer opportunities across a range of use cases including those for the consumer. For further information about the AR/VR solutions, Please Contact us.

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