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Raccoon.World Presents Raccoon. Clip Mobile VR/AR Controller

Have you ever imagined a controller that works with all the games in the world, any devices and OS and requires no modifications to software. The one that is comfortable to wear and operate, without additional cables, light conditions etc.? Raccoon.World has created Raccoon.Clip, device that satisfies all these needs. The project on Kickstarter has just launched today, check the Kickstarter page.

The gadget is unique because it was designed with the help of 5000+ real gamers. Raccoon.World have made thousands of testings on International events and hundreds of in-depth interviews, cooperates with local game communities, communicates with gamers in social networks and write a blog to keep in touch with targeted audience during all the periods of gadget creation. All these things helped us to develop the gadget that gamers really need.

Raccoon.Clip is an easy to use controller that is placed on a palm like a clip and connects via Bluetooth to any device – smartphone, tablet (for mobile gaming) or PC (for classical video games). It works both with mobile VR/AR and videogames without any game customization (the gadget is operated via native application).

Raccoon.Clip is all about freedom. It is a compact gadget that makes gaming experience more mobile and simple. It can substitute a regular controller (mouse and keyboard or joystick) having only 3 functional buttons. The technology of space orientation used in the gadget allows assigning the concrete action to a particular hand position. Thus, moving a hand and pushing buttons the player can get all the possibilities of regular game controlling and additional advantage over rivals.

Raccoon.Clip provides precision. Stirring, moving, aiming or shooting — any interaction with the digital world gets much more accurate and sharp. A player can use also two clips on both hands and connect up to eight units at a time to play with friends. The elastic material provides a soft touch, it is eco-friendly and fully biodegradable.

Raccoon.Clip’s calling is to simplify the gaming experience. Video game is about fun and recreation, and controllers need to be easy. Player’s attention must be concentrated on the game itself and, not choice of the button. That is why we did our best to develop intuitive gadget, ready to be used anywhere and anytime.” — says Lana Malovana, Raccoon.World CEO.

Kickstarters will see the Raccoon.Clip on October, 10. The funds raised with the help of the Kickstarter campaign will help to improve the product and to meet marketing goals.

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