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Raspberry Dream Land: A New Uncensored XR Social Metaverse and Community for Adult

Raspberry Dream Land is new XR and alternate reality social community and platform launched by Raspberry Dream Labs on December 1st 2020. Raspberry Dream Lab was founded in January 2019. It is a new XR startup that focus on the innovation and research on XR entertainment.

The new XR social community is claim to be more than a virtual sex gaming platform or a VR porn site. According to the startup’s official website, Raspberry Dream Land is coined as a social web XR event platform and alternative metaverse that promotes progressive and uncensored artistic expression and entertainment with virtual social interaction and engagement, progressive and positive sex experience and radical self-expression.

“We are soon to be launching Raspberry Dream Land – a social WebXR event platform for progressive and uncensored arts and entertainment. This metaverse is a safe space for radical self-expression, social interactions and meaningful connections. Open to creative artistic expressions of all kinds, Raspberry Dream Land celebrates progressive arts, entertainment and sexuality.” By Raspberry Dream Labs Founder Angelina Aleksandrovich, who came from a interested background of sculpture, performance art and digital design.

The team made its first debut and initiative on the virtual Burning Man virtual space hosted by AltspaceVR. The team hosted “Sex Camp” that discusses the possibilities of uncensored sexuality expression. However, the virtual room and its discussion was not welcomed by some AltspaceVR users, due to AltspaceVR community’s no sex or adult content regulation. All adult and mature content must be labeled in advance and set to private in AltspaceVR’s virtual space.

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According to the startup, Raspberry Dream Land’s target is to create and offer a progressive, open, safe, all-inclusive metaverse and social platform that caters all sexual preferences and also offers expansive exploration and participation on virtual sexual experiences using XR technologies and devices to create multi-sensory, uncensored safe space for the future of cybersex!

Raspberry Dream Land will launch soon. You can enter your email to subscribe to the latest news regarding the official beta launch on its official page.

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