Avatar platform created by Wolf3D allows users to travel between video games, virtual reality experiences and other apps using a single virtual identity

Los Angeles, California - July 21, 2021 - Utilized by both consumers and developers to create bespoke avatars, the Ready Player Me platform has launched a new hub opening the door to the metaverse - a wide range of applications across gaming, VR experiences and beyond - connecting and allowing users to explore hundreds of virtual worlds and supported experiences with a single consistent digital identity. The company has already collaborated with several key games and app partners to date, including Tencent, Verizon and HTC.

Critically independent of any single virtual platform and ecosystem, Ready Player Me provides players and developers with plug-and-play tools for easy integration of its avatar system to any virtual world or game engine. Removing the need to create a new avatar for every new app or game, users simply sign in with Ready Player Me and travel through the metaverse with a uniform 3D avatar. 

With more than 260 games and apps already on board and growing at a 40% MoM rate, the Ready Player Me avatar platform and hub has the most all-encompassing access to the metaverse - the thousands of interconnected virtual worlds people visit daily to work, play and collaborate - available to gamers and developers today. With its latest new feature, Ready Player Me’s hub is the first true cross-application avatar platform where users can seamlessly navigate their digital likenesses between the games and apps integrated with the platform.

 A fast-growing list of applications integrated with Ready Player Me includes online social platform VRChat, streaming app and VR game store SideQuest, in addition to a host of non-VR apps such as social platform Koji.

The platform, created by Wolf3D, has built avatar systems for industry-leading companies, including Huawei, H&M, and others. Ready Player Me’s user-friendly software, which creates customized avatars based on a single photograph, has been quickly adopted among players of some of the biggest gaming communities around the globe. The company's VRChat avatar creator, released earlier this year, was used to create more than 30,000 personal avatars within the first 24 hours of its release.


About Wolf3D

Wolf3D was founded in 2014 by Timmu Tõke, Kaspar Tiri, Rainer Selvet, and Haver Järveoja, and has been developing selfie-based digital avatar technology for the past seven years with a mission to power the next generation of online identity creation. In 2020, Wolf3D launched the Ready Player Me avatar creator for developers, kick-starting the company’s track record in becoming the avatar identity standard for the metaverse.

Wolf3D’s overall investment to date is $3.7 million, with U.S. and European investors including Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, CTRL Labs’ Joshua Duyan and Bolt CEO Markus Villig. The company currently employs 30 people in 10 countries, and with 40% MoM partner growth, it is on track to raise a Series A in 2021. 

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