Rebel Rhyder Pays the Rent With ‘A Check Her Ass Can Cash’ VR Video

Rebel Rhyder has made her MILFVR porn video in the appropriately titled, “A Check Her Ass Can Cash.”

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The new release marks the 25th production by the brand that combines anal sex with virtual reality and features Rhyder’s talents mixed with a creative narrative and a unique setting. In a departure from recent MILF VR scenes, Rhyder plays the role of an appreciative houseguest opposed to the dominant matriarch of the household.

In “A Check Her Ass Can Cash,” Rhyder is looking for a fresh start. She’s thankful for a place to stay and a home-away-from-home from her good-for-nothing husband, so this newly separated MILF shows her appreciation by putting all her holes on the table. This 52-minute VR sex scene is currently rated at 67 percent among active members of the site, with video content tags including “Cowgirl,” “Throat Fuck,” “Anal Sex” and “Anal Creampie.”

“Rebel did a superb job portraying a sexy MILF going through a stressful time,” said a studio representative. “It was our hope that viewers would identify with Rebel during the opening sequence and remain engaged as she stayed in character throughout the narrative.”

A new MILF VR release is available each week, with all scenes compatible with popular headsets and available in multiple video resolutions for streaming and downloadable viewing.

“A Check Her Ass Can Cash” can be seen here.

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