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ReelTime VR Creates Virtual Reality Commercials that Can Be Seen On Both Traditional TV and Internet Video Platforms

ReelTime VR a pioneer in the development of Virtual Reality programming and technologies has created commercials that were shot in and can be viewed in full 4k 360 Virtual Reality on any portal capable of viewing VR such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, Facebook 360, VEER TV, Youtube, and others, as well as a nearly identical commercial that can be seen on traditional television, cable, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or other traditional flat format delivery platforms at the highest quality and most advanced formats provided on any capable device worldwide.

The commercials that are airing proving the capability were filmed using ReelTime VRs proprietary technologies and methodologies during the creation of ReelTime’s No. 1 award winning VR travel series “In Front of View”. The series seen in 49 countries starring international supermodel/actress Front Montgomery and her daughter Leonie Montgomery, now in its second season, transports the viewers so that they can travel alongside the famous mother and daughter as they explore the most beautiful and hidden places in full 360 Virtual Reality.

When watching in VR it is of course always best to have on goggles, but you can still experience full 360 by simply turning around if on a mobile device, or clicking and dragging your mouse on a pc.

Barry Henthorn, ReelTime VRs CEO, stated: “The ability to be able to produce content in 360 Virtual Reality and then be able to utilize that footage across platforms, expands the reach and monetization possibilities beyond previous limitations. This capability that ReelTime VR has developed, coupled with the increased immersive experiences possible with Virtual Reality, allow us to create and produce content that can be viewed across most known video platforms and delivery networks, to virtually every capable device. Previously the audience for content created in VR was limited by the comparatively limited number of potential viewers.”

Shooting in VR is far more complex that traditional Film or TV Production, yet the monetization models are nowhere near as defined nor traditionally lucrative, making the cost justification of a single medium challenging. With ReelTime’s new technology, not only are they able to produce industry defining VR content, but now the same footage is being used to create traditional video that can be viewed and monetized through television, theater, and other two-dimensional outlets. In addition to the new technology allowing the content creator to simultaneously produce in both formats which was never before possible, it enhances the production quality of traditional video while actually lowering the costs and increasing profits.

ReelTime VR is a pioneer in Virtual Reality technologies and has received patent-pending status from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for their non-provisional patent application covering apparatus and method claims for technology involving simultaneous capturing of 360 X 360 degree Spherical Panorama Images and Video.

In a recent article published by Virtual Reality Insider it stated: “Companies such as Microsoft IntelSamsung, Facebook, Google and Sony are investing heavily in the infrastructure and technologies fueling AR/VR and are allocating significant R&D budgets towards their development. Microsoft alone reportedly has over ten thousand AR/VR patents filed across thousands of patent families. ReelTime VR (OTCPK: RLTR) however, may have the most significant of all AR/VR patents currently being processed in the industry having filed a very broad patent.

The patent for the technology was also featured during a Bold Patents spot on CNBC during Shark Tank and was referred to as having the “power to shift entire industries” by J.D. Houvener, author of “Bold Ideas”.

About ReelTime Media: ReelTime Rentals, Inc. DBA ReelTime VR www.reeltime.com is a publicly traded company based in Seattle, WA (OTCPK: RLTR). ReelTime is in the business of developing, producing, and distributing Virtual Reality Content and technologies. We have end to end production, editing, and distribution capabilities for internal and external projects. ReelTime Currently produces three ongoing series for the Samsung Gear VR platform and distributes them over numerous VR delivery portals including Gear VR, Oculus, Veer VR, HTC Vive, YouTube 360, Facebook, and others. ReelTime Media also publishes the book “It Was Always Me – Edwards Edwards the most Prolific Serial Killer of all time which has been the subject of a cover story on People Magazine, Rolling Stone, In Touch, and a six part series on Paramount network, www.itwasalwaysme.com . ReelTime recently purchased Doyen Communications, a full-service advertising placement agency and premium content creator of publishing industry and audience specific news journals and web portals that develops, publishes and distributes industry, company, and consumer-based information and awareness. Over 30 individual publications serving a variety of industry sectors that made up the Doyen Communications portfolio.


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