Remoria VR launches Kickstarter Campaign for Lignum

“A unique iOS compatible controller that allows for immersive VR experiences on your iPhone”

Remoria VR is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will provide the public with a completely new immersion into the Virtual Reality experience thanks to the Lignum controller. Check out the Kickstarter campaign webpage.


The campaign is planned to be launched on 10th November with the campaign goal of 20,000. Achieving this goal will help the company build a community of developers around the controller and consequently encourage them to build immersive and interactive mobile Virtual Reality content.


As for the controller, Lignum is a wireless Bluetooth LE device designed for mobile Virtual Reality with an array of sensors that allow motion and orientation tracking at very low latency ( 10 ms).




Lignum has many advantages over the other controllers available on the market: it is compatible with both iOS and Android, which is something completely new for the mobile virtual reality industry. The biggest strength of the Lignum controller lies in its flexibility across many different platforms. Today, the versatility of the Lignum SDK (which spans from Samsung Gear VR through Windows to Mac and Linux) enables the developers to easily create VR experiences beyond the traditional platforms.


The mobile Virtual Reality industry is dominated by Android and we were looking for an innovative controller that would be compatible with iOS and other platforms as well. However, we did not manage to find any product that would satisfy our need. Thats why we decided to create Lignum, said Marco de Falco, CEO of Remoria VR. Nowadays Virtual Reality is limited to few platforms. Lignum significantly expands the possibilities for developers who are VR enthusiasts.


The Kickstarter campaign offers unique rewards to Remoria VRs backers such as the Lignum controllers with personalized development kits.


Check out Lignum on kickstarter.com and you might be the first one to develop virtual reality content for iOS or Android with Lignum!


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