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RetroGunX – An Indie, 8bit-Styled VR Shooter From Africa!

South African company AppsByBrats, recently released it’s first ever indie Virtual Reality game, RetroGunX, on the Steam Store. Before the modern games of today, games were simple, uncluttered, easy to play and difficult to master. RetroGunX is just that! The game has a very clean and minimalistic approach to the art style, which is reminiscent of those classic 8-bit games from the 70s and 80s, only in 3D.


Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane in this first person arcade shooter game in Virtual Reality. Blast your way though 22+ unique waves of enemies and mega bosses, each with their own strategy to defeat you, as you fight to destroy the ominous presence known only as RedSkull, and claim your spot on the High Score Board. It plays and feels like a true, classic arcade shooter. There will be 60+ unique enemies, 6+ huge bosses, and 10+ thrilling weapons to choose from when the game is ready for full release.

The game was released on the 5th of September in Early Access, and will run on any PC running Windows 7 64-bit; Intel Core i5 3570k or the AMD FX 6300; 8 GB RAM; NVIDIA GTX 970 or equivalent. An HTC Vive VR headset is required, though Oculus Rift VR will be supported in the near future. RetroGunX will also be ported to mobile VR devices in the near future.

Link to the Steam Store:

Contact Info:
Company : AppsByBrats (PTY) Ltd.
Name : Brent Robinson
Mobile : +27 11 823041615
Email : brent@appsbybrats.com

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