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VR Sex Toy Guide – That Will Lead You To The Perfect Fleshlight Hole

If you are in the market looking for the best male masturbator, then one of the best-selling VR sex toy fleshlight is the most popular product that you will come across. This is an adult toy that will offer you great satisfaction and sexual pleasure close to that of an intense intercourse session with a woman. But, the main issue is that you will come across a wide variety of fleshlights that also serves different purposes.

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Hence, choosing a VR porn sex toy like Fleshlight as a first timer is a real headache. No matter you are a first time buyer or an experienced user, you need to know everything about the product and its uses before you buy it. The same goes for an adult toy like fleshlight. You should ensure that the product you buy is of good quality and serves your purpose. It should be one that matches your budget because you are going to spend your hard earned money on it.



More often than not, you will feel awkward and embarrassed to go to an adult toy shop to buy the items you need. For people like you, there are many online adult toy stores available that offers you toys like fleshlights at the best prices. You can shop without any worries online and buy the product that you want. No one will ever know that you have shopped for the product.

Pocket pussies for you

There was a time when women’s sex toys like dildos, vibrators, etc., were only on sale in the market. But, this has all changed and you will find all the adult sex toy stores to offer male sex toys like pocket pussy. The quality of the male sex toys has also improved over the years. The fleshlights are the most popular male sex toy sold now. It came to the limelight in the 90’s and is the most sought after toy by men these days.

Steps to choose the best fleshlight
Fleshlight has given a new dimension to pocket pussy and these pussies are in a wide variety of variations to meet the sexual needs of different men. The fleshlight is given a torch or a flashlight like look and hence the name. It will help in enhancing your masturbation and will help in offering a different solo play experience than what you have experienced with your hands. The outer casing of the fleshlight is made out of plastic and is hard. Its inside has a soft and stretchy sleeve that is made using lifelike material to give you the feel and sensation of actual sex.

You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to fleshlight options and models. You should choose the most suited fleshlight depending on the orifices, the colors, the sizes, texture, ease of use and how easy it is to clean.



Fleshlight size
There are two things that you need to consider when choosing a fleshlight masturbator, the size of the case that holds the product and the size of the sleeve or the inside size. The cases are offered as two types: a travel case (smaller one) and a regular case. The size of the regular fleshlight case is about 10 inches and the travel case will be 8 inches in length. The diameter of the case will be 3.5” for larger diameter and 2.5” for smaller diameter. It comes with ergonomic grips so that you can hold it properly with your hands and with caps at both the ends.

The sleeve sizes have to be given due importance when you are shopping for fleshlight. The normal size of a Fleshlight sleeve is 9 inches. The smaller ones will be about 8 inches in size like their cases. The average size of an erect penis is about 5 to 6 inches and therefore these sleeve sizes would perfectly suit most sized penis. The material that is used to make the sleeves is an elastromeric gel that is called as the Superskin and it will feel close to real skin. Therefore, the shape and the elasticity of the sleeve will be maintained even after prolonged use.

Fleshlight orifices
There are three detailed designs of fleshlight orifices on offer to meet your sexual fantasies. They are Lady (a vulva), mouth and butt. If you are ashamed of trying out the replica of a human anatomy, then you have the option of a simple round orifice called Pure.


Textures in the fleshlight
There are as many as 60 types of fleshlight textures offered on the various models. So, finding the texture and the kind of penetration you want will not be a problem. There is a unique canal in each of the sleeves. These canals are in different widths and varied textures to give unique and different intensity. You will have to try out the ones you find attractive to see if you attain the pleasure you are looking for.

Ease of care
The materials used to make the sleeve are non toxic and phthalate free. They are very easy to be maintained and cared by using water based cleaning agents. There are toy cleansers available that can be used to clean this adult toy after use. You can also use a renewing powder after washing and drying it in order to prevent the texture from getting sticky. You should make sure that you dry the fleshlight for a few hours after washing in order to prevent bacteria or mold growth.

Popular VR Sex Toy Fleshlight Models

The pink lady stamina training unit
As the name suggests, this fleshlight product is designed to enhance your sex performance. It will help in training the muscle of the penis to work in such a way that it prolongs your intercourse sessions. The cock enjoys maximum sensitivity through this Pink Lady. The tightness and the ripples inside the sleeve offer you a satisfying experience. The tight inner passages take you to an extreme level of pleasure. This is due to its narrow and crowded interior texture is that makes it more difficult for you to attain an orgasm quickly.

Fleshlight ice
This is a very good male masturbation toy for people with big cocks. The style of the hole is lady and the texture is of the ice. You get to watch your cock inside the unit when you use it because the sleeve and the case are transparent. The texture offers you great sensation and pleasure and it is also a great feeling to see your manhood penetrate through the texture. This is an ideal option to use with your partner to have fun filled sex sessions. It is quite different from any other model of fleshlight because of its crystal look and feel.

Christy mack fleshlight girls
If you have a passion for Christy Mack and love to penetrate her butt, then this fleshlight can help you attain the satisfaction of enjoying this adult movie star. The vital statistics of the star with her favorite sex act details are advertised on this product to help you get to know her more. It comes with a forbidden texture that will take you to a different level of sexual pleasure. The interiors of the sleeve are spiral to provide you with a little bit of a pull to give you the exact feeling of entering from behind. You will feel Christy Mack to be a bit soft and the entry orifice gives you the feeling of a real anal entry.

Stoya destroya fleshlight
If you are looking for great intensity during entry into the fleshlight lady, then Stoya Destroya is the best. It is designed based on the vagina of Stoya that offer 360 degrees of matchless ecstasy that you would have never experienced before. The texture is a combination of ripples and ribs to give you non-stop sensations as you press in and out. It is quite similar to the STU and will help you in enjoying longer masturbation sessions with ultimate pleasure. The Destroya texture is something that you must surely experience at least once.

Classic pink lady
This is the original classic flashlight that is the most favorite of the male sex toys. It is offered in all three orifices: butt, mouth and vagina. This is an ideal option for first time sex toy users. The Pink Lady comes with smooth sleeves for longer sessions and is suited for men with larger girth size than normal because of its wider canal. The use of Superskin material ensures that you get a realistic penetrating feel and intense suction sensation.

As you can see, there is a wide range of fleshlights on offer with each one offering something new and unique to experience. They can keep you happy and completely satisfied for many years if you do not get to enjoy sex with a woman regularly. They will make you feel very close to real vagina or butt and the pleasures that you experience will also be more or less same like when having real sex. If you are a man interested in a wide range of sex fantasies, then trying out different models of fleshlight with varied orifices is sure to satisfy you to the core.


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