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Roblox VR: A New Era Begins with Its Full Release on Quest

It’s a monumental day for the vast community of Roblox enthusiasts and VR aficionados alike. The long-anticipated Roblox VR has finally transitioned from its open beta phase, making a grand entrance today on the official Quest store.

From Beta to Brilliance: Roblox’s Quest Journey

Earlier this year, the gaming world buzzed with excitement as Roblox VR was introduced via App Lab in an open beta format. The intrigue further heightened today, as keen observers noted its temporary unavailability and the subsequent removal of the App Lab page warning. The suspense was short-lived, and to the delight of many, the announcement during Meta Connect 2023 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg put all speculations to rest. The much-loved game creation platform is now a sterling addition to the Quest store’s esteemed collection.

Early Access Triumphs: Setting the Stage for Success

While it’s a new beginning for Roblox VR on the Quest platform, its journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable. David Baszucki, the visionary CEO of Roblox Corporation, unveiled impressive figures that serve as a testament to the game’s burgeoning popularity. In a staggering revelation, Roblox, even in its early access form, garnered “well over one million downloads” within a mere five days of its release on Quest 2 and Quest Pro platforms. It’s noteworthy to mention that such monumental numbers were achieved in spite of the inherent App Lab games discovery constraints.

Strengthening Bonds: Meta and Roblox’s Symbiotic Partnership

In an exemplary display of collaboration, Meta made headlines earlier this month, further consolidating its partnership with Roblox. In an unprecedented move that undoubtedly brought joy to many, all in-person attendees of the Roblox Developers Conference were graced with a complimentary Quest Pro headset. Such a gesture wasn’t merely symbolic; it was a tangible representation of Roblox Corporation’s commitment to empowering developers to craft unparalleled Roblox VR experiences.

A Diverse VR Experience: Beyond the Quest Platform

Roblox VR is not just a sensation on the Quest platform. Its dominance extends to a diverse array of devices, catering to a wide audience. The PC aficionados aren’t left behind, as Roblox ensures a seamless VR experience across various devices, including Rift, Rift S, Valve Index, and HTC Vive, further broadening its reach.


Roblox VR‘s transition from open beta to its full-fledged presence on the Quest store is a milestone in the VR gaming arena. It’s not merely the culmination of a phase but the commencement of an era. An era where creativity, innovation, and immersive experiences converge, promising players and developers alike a future replete with endless possibilities and unmatched adventures.

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