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ROTO VR Cancelled Kickstarter Campaign On April 11

ROTO VR, the London based VR startup company had launched a Kickstarter campaign for their spinning chair ROTO, specifically designed to provide a solution to reduce the motion sickness caused by artificially rotating the virtual world whilst sitting stationary.

ROTO is the first motorized VR platform with a foot controller. It rotates in 360 degrees at a max speed of 35 RPM. ROTO supports Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard.


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Users can mount keyboard, game controller and camera onto the ROTO tray!

The ROTO foot controller

The ROTO foot controller


ROTO’s spinning chair had received numbers of positive reviews prior to the launch, the goal was to raise £85,000 GBP, however, the campaign only raised £11,160 from 51 backers.


roto virtual reality 360 solution

With ROTO, users don’t have to turn their body and risking hurting their neck and spine from fierce gaming! We know exactly how it feels like…


Due to insufficient of funds raised, ROTO VR’s Kickstarter campaign was cancelled on April 11, 2015. Followed by a good will message from ROTO VR:


Roto sign off… But please sign up!

To all our backers, supporters and well wishers, we would like thank you all so much for the positive reaction we’ve received with our Roto campaign. Please don’t be disheartened that we’ve decided to pull our Kickstarter (for now), as we’re unlikely to reach our target at this time.


Original backers and people who are interested in the ROTO VR’s concept can still sign up for future update on their official website at here.


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