Military action in 360 video

Russian-China Military Action

Russian & China Military Action In 360 Virtual Reality

This is a 360 video presented by Russia’s RT News. How often do you get to experience participating in a China-Russian military exercise? Thanks to 360 video technology, we are able to experience military actions as if we were there. And quite possibly after watching, you would agree that countries going into war is the last thing we need on this planet.

The Russian and Chinese navy joint forces to an eight-days exercise in the South China sea, increasing tension over territorial disputes over islands in the region. Chinese News Agency, Xinhua, reports that the exercise involves marine corp live-fire drills, sea crossing, landing operations, as well as offense and defense exercises. Russian and Chinese submarines, surface ships, amphibious armored vehicles, and helicopters were also deployed.

CCTV, the Chinese state-owned broadcaster, states that Russia brought in some of their best vessels, including the Udaloy-class destroyer and the Ropucha-class landing ship to join the exercises. The Udaloy-class destroyer is powered by a modern gas turbine, and equipment high-level sonars, a number of state-of-the-art circuitry, and an integrated air defense system. The sonar system has a range in excess of 62 miles. The Ropucha-class landing ship was designed to carry 450-ton cargo and assist with beach landing operations.

Military action in 360 video

The Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs join the Chinese navy.

This naval exercise is an annual event previously taken place in the East Sea, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea, and several other locations. This year’s exercise marks a new significance after the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling against China over unlawful restriction of fishing activity in the Scarborough Shoal, a disputed territory by China, Taiwan, and the Philippines. An arbitration panel located in The Hague, Netherlands, issued a decision objecting to China’s dispute claim against their neighboring Asian countries.

Russa and China officers

Russian and Chinese officers greet each other at the beginning of eight days of military exercises.

Russia has always been a strong support of China’s stance over this case. China also blames the United States for taking part in continuously stirring tension in the region by taking sides in the disputes and military patrols.

How to Watch YouTube 360 Videos

From PC, be sure that you are using the latest Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Opera web browsers. Safari is not supported. Once the video is launched, use the mouse to click-n-drag or the WSDF keys on the keyboard to navigate around the 360 video.

From mobile device, download the latest YouTube app for Android or iPhone if you don’t already have it. Copy the below video title name and past it, launch the YouTube app, and past title name into the search box.

For an immersive experience, use a Google cardboard and select the cardboard icon located in the lower right.

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