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Samsung Creator Program And Gear 360 VR Camera US Launch

The Creator program of Samsung has been launched to empower filmmakers who wish to tell stories through VR and Samsung Gear 360 camera is up for limited edition sales in the US for $350 USD. It is making its foray into the American market and Samsung hopes to show that everyday film creators can do much with the VR technology that they are promoting.



Samsung recently launched Samsung Creators which is a program that is aimed at encouraging the creation of content for different channels and audiences. This program which includes several classes and seminars would help filmmakers and other influences to understand how VR capabilities can be harnessed into their creations and how to use this impressive medium in different ways.

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The first launch of this initiative will come about at Vidcon which is a video conference that is annually held and online and several fans, industry representatives as well as creators gather to take part in the initiative at Anaheim in CA. Casey Neistat is a blogger with whom Samsung has been working in the weeks following up to the VidCon as he is expected to spotlight several creators from YouTube and host special video premieres in VR technology at the Vidcon conference.

The VR technology is powerful and people need to understand how to use it which is what the Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung in US has to say. He feels that the art of storytelling through VR would lead to an immersive experience and creators need to learn the techniques. For that the company is trying to build an ecosystem where people would be pushed beyond the frame and would be able to develop stories that are impressive and leave an indelible impression on the minds of their viewers. If you look at the design of Gear 360, it is an aeronautical design that is inspired by the helmets of astronauts.

The program Samsung Creators would launch a competition so that creators and filmmakers are inspired to develop VR in 360 content and by the use of the different products in this arena that Samsung has launched.

There would be ten different categories such as Auto, Music, Gaming, Fashion, Travel, Science and tech, Culinary and others like Sports. Winners would be chosen in these different categories. The prize that would be offered would include participation in the Creators Awards ceremony that is held in New York along with master classes in VR filmmaking with the pros as well as cash prizes to be won.

Samsung Milk VR is being Rebranded

Samsung has been working on the VR technology for a while now and there are different products in this category with diverse functionalities and features. Samsung VR is the name of Samsung Milk VR which was launched previously and is now capable of supporting content that is user generated. With this device, it is possible to launch 360 degree videos by creators, by themselves. This would be possible by the VR platform that Samsung has created for those who are users of Samsung Gear VR.

There has come in an update on the Gear 360 cameras recently. This camera, which I priced at $349.99, would be available in limited quantities at Vidcon. Additional details about its widespread availability would be announced later in the year for the enthusiasts.

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