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Samsung eMotion Project Takes Little Patients to Virtual Theme Park

One day, Samsung Italia team visited the kids in Santa Maria Goretti Hospital in Latina, a city near Rome, Italy. These kids are sick and cannot leave the hospital.


kids on samsung gear vr


Samsung Italia team is here to surprise them, a heartwarming and pleasant surprise indeed! They are taking these beautiful kids on a virtual tour on Gear VR, to a wonderland, a theme part called “Movieland.”



emotion project theme park movieland clown

Send in the happy clowns and balloons!


Movieland is a virtual theme park to be viewed and enjoyed on Gear VR, that has all kinds of rides and roller coasters, water slides, happy-go-lucky dancers and of course, the clowns! The kids looked so happy and amazed, it brings tear to my eyes because it’s such an ordinary and simple pleasure that these kids are unable to have in the real world…


emotion project latino

Can you see how happy this little guy is! We need more positive application of virtual reality!


kids drawing movieland

It’s a great joy to see the kids’ adorable drawing after their first Gear VR virtual experience!


Samsung eMotion Project As Potential Emotional Healing Tool

It is possible; the theory applied in Samsung Italia’s eMotion Project could act and be used as an emotional healing tool, and even an alternative or supplement to physical therapy. Apparently, it brings joy and positive feelings to these little patients. Scientific research had proven that emotional health and well-being can directly affect immune system and physical well-being. Here are three related articles on the subject matter.

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While eMotion Project brought joy to the kids, the parents looked content and really happy as well! It is truly inspiring to see virtual reality technology being applied for a greater cause! In Samsung Italia’s own words about eMotion Project:

quote new 1

“proved to be a valuable way of providing genuine emotional support,” and worked toward altering “not only the mood of the little patients, but also their whole approach to recovery.”

“ to help hospitalized children to face recovery in a whole new way, bringing the light-heartedness typical of childhood back into their lives.”

new quote 2

Samsung has not made any follow-up announce, about whether or not eMotion project is open for application, or available to little patients across the world!


Below is the information ( thanks to ) about the eMotion Project video’s makers, directors and producers. Perhaps they can be contacted. If you are associated with any young patient that could benefit from a positive emotional lift by eMotion Project, it would be wonderful if you could contact them to find out the possibilities!


Samsung: eMotion Project Director / Manager / Producer / Contact

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Francesco Bozza, Alessandro Antonini
Creative Director: Christopher Jones
Copywriter: Nicoletta Zanterino
Art Director: Alessandro Polia
Creatives: Alice Jasmine Crippa, Federica Rebuzzini
Social Media Manager: Raffaella Ramondetti
Project Manager: Andrea Castiglioni
Managing Director: Niccolò Arletti
Account Director: Viktoria Ovtcharenko
Account Manager: Federica Giacomotti
Producer: Isabella Guazzone
Regista: Claudio Gallinella
Casa di produzione: Bedeschi Film


Last but not the least, towards the end of the video, it says “There is no happy ending, this is only a new beginning!” We love the positive message, well done Samsung Italia!


Source: PSFK, Samsung Italia, Trendhuntrer, adsoftheworld


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