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Sandbox VR Announced 68M Led by Andreessen

Sandbox VR announced $68M Series A funding led by Andreessen. The company has a quintessentially Silicon Valley story about how they landed this sizable series A working out the terms on the back of a napkin at a Millbrae In-N-Out at 1:00 am. The company’s blog post about the funding can be found here.

Sandbox VR was bootstrapped in Hong Kong where it quickly became a viral sensation and is currently the #1 Activity on Trip Advisor. Last year the company opened a location outside of San Francisco and plans for an aggressive expansion this year in the U.S – already inking multiple deals with Westfield Malls and they have partnerships in the works with CBS Interactive.

They are a fun, dynamic company that is experiencing huge growth and is truly the future of immersive virtual reality. We would love to tell you more about their backstory and how they garnered such a big fan base (including Kanye West) to become a game changer in the VR space.

About Sandbox:

In case you are not familiar Sandbox VR allows people to experience games and characters in an unparalleled way. The social and technological experiences go hand in hand. Sandbox has taken immersion to the next level by incorporating motion capture technology for more realistic movements and in-game actions. With Sandbox VR, you are on the inside.

You are the protagonist, right in the middle of the action. And you are not alone – you are bonding with your friends, family and co-workers. Inspired by the popularity of escape rooms, Sandbox VR is created so you can play with friends and family, away from distractions, and have a completely unique, exhilarating experience.

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