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Sandbox VR Launches Its Latest Experience: Star Trek: Discovery

Sandbox VR is announcing the launch of its latest virtual reality experience in partnership with CBS Interactive: Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission. Originally inspired by Star Trek’s iconic Holodeck, where environments are simulated in virtual reality, Sandbox VR brings that futuristic tech within reach at a location near you.

The Holodeck is no longer something that people can only dream about. Through a unique combination of real-time motion capture cameras and VR technologies, players can boldly go where no one has gone before: into an immersive social experience that brings the Star Trek universe to life.

Sandbox VR has worked closely with Star Trek writers and stakeholders to ensure the most authentic Star Trek experience possible. The Star Trek: Discovery – Away Mission free-roam VR experience allows players to warp into a thrilling adventure as a U.S.S. Discovery crew member on an away team mission. Guided by fan favorite character Sylvia Tilly (with Mary Wiseman reprising her role from the show), teams will conduct tricorder scans, fire phasers, transport to strange alien planets, and seek out new civilizations.

“We want fans to know that this isn’t like any virtual reality you may have experienced or heard about before…this is something bigger and better. For those that may not know what to expect with the graphics or the hardware, we can describe the experience as VR as it’s meant to be… it’s not a game, it’s not a movie, it’s not traditional VR, it’s a full body experience that completely transforms you, where you become the experience itself,” explains CEO and Founder, Steve Zhao.

Star Trek: DiscoveryAway Mission has officially launched at Sandbox VR’s Hong Kong, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles locations. This experience is directed by Michael Hampden, lead designer on Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and critically acclaimed VR title Blood & Truth.

The company is planning an expansive rollout across the U.S. with locations coming soon to New York, Austin, San Diego, and Chicago, with an additional 16 locations planned by the end of 2020. Sandbox VR is the leading team play immersive location-based VR experience with full-body motion capture technology and recently announced a major investment from Series A from Andreessen Horowitz, Craft Ventures, and a long list of celebrity investors such as Katy Perry, Kevin Durant, and Will Smith.

Seasons one and two of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY are now available to stream on CBS All Access for subscribers in the U.S., and the series is distributed concurrently by CBS Studios International on Netflix in 188 countries and in Canada on Bell Media’s CTV Sci-Fi Channel and OTT service Crave. Season three of STAR TREK: DISCOVERY will premiere in 2020. The series is produced by CBS Television Studios in association with Secret Hideout and Roddenberry Entertainment.

Sandbox VR is the true VR experience that people have dreamt of since the dawn of computing. Your whole body is captured into an experience with your friends right there with you. Feel, see, hear, and move freely – be anyone, go anywhere. Visit a new world. Try an unearthly experience. Transform into a new character. Be a new you. Experiencing is believing. Learn more at In here, it’s possible.

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