How to Play and Earn Real Money Playing Sandbox

As so many projects are launched almost every day, it can be difficult to keep up with what's happening in the NFT sector.

We will be discussing Sandbox, a Metaverse platform which allows creators to get involved without the need to have technical knowledge or software and coding skills usually required to create high-quality digital content.

You have many options to help the project and make money as a creator.

Keep in mind that we are not financial advisors. This article is intended to educate and not be used as investment advice. Do your research and take good care of your money.

What is the sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build own and monetize their gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain

It started as a successful mobile game back in 2011 and a few years later in 2018, the developers decided to bring the game from mobile to the blockchain ecosystem, with the goal to disrupt existing games like Minecraft or Roblox, by providing creators with the true ownership of their creations and reward them for their participation through NFTs.

The sandbox project is based on four different building blocks: 

  • sand
  • land
  • assets
  • and games

Sand is their main erc 20 utility token that is used for all of the ecosystem’s transactions and interactions. It is also the currency that players spend in order to play games, buy equipment, to buy land, or to modify the avatar.

Sand is also a governance token which makes it connected to voting rights, furthermore, you can stake sand to earn passive revenue on lands.

what exactly is land in Sandbox? 

Land is a digital piece of real estate in the metaverse represented by unique erc 721 non-fungible token. Essentially, you buy land to populate it, create games, and generate assets.

There is a total of a little bit more than 166,000 land pieces available, separated into two categories:

Regular land, which is comprised of 96 by 96 meters in the game world, which is one meter comprising of 32 by 32 voxels.

We will explain what voxels are in a minute. 

There is also State, which is a combination of multiple pieces of land that a team of creators can use to build massive online experiences.

Land is only available during pre-sale events for a short amount of time at specific dates on the sandbox primary market.

If you are not able to get a piece of land there, you can buy it on secondary marketplaces like Open Sea.

The third building block are assets

Assets are erc 1155 tokens, and they represent user generated content like game characters, buildings, vehicles, and foliage. They are built on the sandbox own toolset consisting of a few different applications and editors.

Once created, these assets can be exported and traded on the sandbox marketplace.

The fourth building block are games. 

Games represent the actual core of the sandbox.

This is also where everything comes together, you can populate the land you own with assets you have created or purchased on the marketplace, build your own games, and charge users’ sand for playing these games.

A game is basically a bundle of assets forming an interactive gaming experience through scripting logic. The cool thing here is that no programming or scripting skills are required

How exactly can you contribute and generate revenue on Sandbox?

So there are basically three ways you can actively participate

First is by creating assets with their own 3d modeling and animation tool called VoxEdit, then by building and monetizing games on your own land with the tool called Game Maker.

By owning and renting land or populating your land with assets, you can resell it for a higher price on the secondary market.

Because the sandbox isn't publicly released yet, so you must supply to their creator fund. The creator fund contains 2 million us dollars that are reserved for selected creators with the goal to train them on how to build and how to publish voxel creations as NFTs

what is a Voxel?

According to Wikipedia, a voxel represents a single sample or a data point on a regular spaced three-dimensional grid. In voxel art, it represents characters or assets.

Here’s how it works to earn as a creator

First you will have to sign up, so Sandbox can evaluate your work, and then you get paid for each asset you make and you get hundred percent of profits from each of your sales.

The program is limited to the first thousand artists accepted.

copyright ownership

You retain all rights and ownership of your content. The Sandbox do not claim any ownership rights, but they do claim licensing rights. This means that they will use your work to promote the Sandbox Marketplace and the Sandbox Universe worldwide, and this is non-exclusive and royalty free.

The program started almost three years ago back in 2018. Here are the requirements:

You have to fill an application form, then you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement, read the voxel art style and technical guidelines, take a paid test to show your skills, and then agree to the Sandbox Creator Fund artist terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn per asset?

The pay rates are based on size and complexity of the work, so this means that large high quality assets without animation pay $60 at most, which is not that much to be honest, but you also receive their marketplace profits when the items you published are sold. This of course can be a lot or can be a significant amount in case you sell many of your creations.

How many assets can you submit?

The answer is unlimited.

Let's take a look at what the application form looks. Here you have to provide your legal name an email address and age, and also in what type of work you are interested.

So you can choose between being a voxel artist or an animator, or if you already have game experience and want to build your own games and then language.

On the next page, you can submit your voxel art here. You have to upload at least four different files. You can link to your voxel art portfolio, add some additional information, and submit the application.

Getting familiar may take some time, but once you are familiar with the tools the Sandbox provides, these tools are very easy to use then you can already start building right away.

Applications and Tools

Once you have created an account on, you can go to the create page and here you can download the Game Maker and the VoxEdit. You can also adjust your avatar on this page.

The game maker is free, it allows you to build and share your own games, and no coding skills are required.

How to earn by playing the sandbox?

You can earn by playing games, by building games, and by creating assets and selling these assets on the marketplace.

So simply download the Game Maker, select the operating system of your choice, and then you are good to go.

It works the exact same way for the VoxEdit, except in order to upload your models, you need to become an artist through the Creator Fund.

You can still use all of these tools, so this would be the modeler, the animator, and the block editor without being accepted for the creator fund.

But in this case, you are not able to upload any of your finished models to the marketplace. Choose the operating system of your choice again and download VoxEdit.

Cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are softwares for managing your cryptocurrency and allowing you to interact with blockchain technology, such as Ethereum. This digital wallet can be used in The Sandbox marketplace to publish or sell digital creations that use the Ethereum blockchain.

You will receive a notification every time you interact with a website using blockchain technology. This notification will ask you to sign and authorize the website to access your data and track transactions within your wallet.

This wallet enables you to visualize any asset you purchase and manage it. An asset purchased from Sandbox Marketplace may be later sold on Opensea without Sandbox's permission via the same wallet. Ethereum wallets (e.g. Metamask and Bitski) allow you to interact with all decentralized applications based upon Ethereum. It facilitates interoperability.


You can interact with blockchains and keep control of your assets and funds using cryptocurrency wallets. Your virtual goods can be accessed on your wallet regardless of where they are located. This means that your virtual goods can be sold again or exchanged for other cryptocurrency as long as it is accessible. You have full ownership of all the items you purchase.

The Sandbox Marketplace will provide thousands of NFTs that you can later use to create your own games. Take a look at the Sandbox dashboard

How to set up your wallet

Connect your social media accounts via Sandbox Venly integration (formerly Arkane), creating a crypto wallet via Metamask (recommended to get a complete crypto-experience), or Bitski (with an email).


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