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Saving Princess Maya, an Episodic VR Adventure Game, Launches on Kickstarter

From a well-thought-out, immersive storyline to stunning graphics and intuitive gameplay, RiseAngle Inc.’s latest VR game, Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1, is poised to impress.

A Kickstarter campaign featuring the first installment of Saving Princess Maya, an episodic VR adventure game, launched today. The game features a captivating storyline, immersive environments, unique NPCs(Non-Player Characters), and a variety of puzzles.

Developed by RiseAngle, Inc., a San Francisco based publisher of immersive games (VR/AR), Saving Princess Maya Ep. 1 is just the beginning of their plan for VR games with a focus on innovative storytelling.

The company plans an initial release of the game for Gear VR in March 2018 that will be available on Oculus Store. Upon reaching specific fundraising stretch goals, the game will be developed and released for other VR platforms including Oculus Rift, Google Daydream, HTC Vive, and PS VR, as well as a Non-VR version.

RiseAngle has a variety of rewards for Kickstarter contributors, ranging from digital wallpapers and being listed in the game credits to a Gear VR redemption key and early access to the game.

The game features stunning graphics, intuitive gameplay, humorous narratives, and puzzles that can’t be experienced outside of VR. The player is tasked with finding and rescuing Princess Maya and along the way faces twists, turns, challenges, surprises, and adventure with every turn.

“Saving Princess Maya” begins in the Dark Mazes, a sub-section of the World of Mazes. The story revolves around Princess Maya’s loyal servant, Gelayon, and his quest to rescue the Princess who has been kidnapped by Evil Kilo. The player must work with the faithful servant, Gelayon, if they’re both to escape the dark mazes.

As the game progresses, it becomes apparent to the player that they’re an integral part of an ancient prophecy and their actions will determine the outcome for the residents of various mazes. Players advance through the fantasy world by solving puzzles, interacting with NPCs, and collecting, combining, and using items. Each level has its own environment, rules that must be discovered, and an engaging assortment of characters.

RiseAngle, Inc. is committed to creating fun VR games with engaging stories that connect with players on a deep emotional level. Empathy and compassion are sadly lacking from many games of today. RiseAngle is dedicated to creating games with a purpose and the VR medium is uniquely suited for accomplishing that.

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