Scienjoy Live Streaming Platforms in Mainland China to Offer NFTs

Scienjoy (NASDAQ : SJ), has launched NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) on its live streaming platforms. This makes Scienjoy one of the first live streaming platforms to adopt this technology in mainland China.

This announcement comes as a result of the Company's strategic partnership to Snipp Interactive Inc. Snipp Interactive Inc is a provider digital marketing solutions that enable live streaming broadcasters mint NFTs.

NFTs are unique tokenized digital assets that can be tracked using blockchain. This provides a digital certificate to ownership, tracks the purchase and trade of the asset, certifies that a digital asset is unique and protects against duplicates. This technology allows assets in the digital universe to be traded and bought just like physical property.

The new initiative allows broadcasters to create their own NFTs through Scienjoy's Metaverse. Users can also bid on NFTs from broadcasters using points from the digital marketing rewards loyalty program. The souvenirs include popular accessories, skins and other virtual objects that broadcasters and fans can wear and display in the Metaverse.

NFTs may be used on Scienjoy's platforms. However, trading and tracking ownership of NFT tokens will take place on OpenSea NFT marketplace.

This initiative will not only improve the relationships between broadcasters and fans, but also gives broadcasters more monetization abilities, loyalty, and attract creative developers to Scienjoy's metaverse.

Scienjoy's immersive, game-embedded VR worlds will allow users to display and use their NFTs. Users will be able to own, monetize, enjoy, and control virtual items and properties with NFTs.

The immersive VR gaming experience transforms live streaming and allows fans and broadcasters alike to connect and share their affinities. They can also play and interact with virtual worlds.

In 2021, the Company will release six metaverses. By adding NFTs, users can customize their metaverse environment. Broadcasters can also create unique products to make fans shine from the rest.

Partnership with Latitude Gallery

In September 2021, Scienjoy and LATITUDE Gallery opened an art exhibit in New York to support young artists. The exhibition featured both traditional and non-fungible token (NFT) artworks.

"NFTs are the future and this event is not only a traditional art opening and celebration, but also a statement of our vision on developing the NFT art world with our artists," said Shihui Zhou, the founder of LATITUDE Gallery New York.

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