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Scientific Report Shows Virtual Reality Creates Realistic Illusion of Gender Shift

A new scientific study’s research report opened up a door to infinite possibilities for Virtual Reality porn and 3D sex games! The findings in the report will certain prompt adult VR film and game studios to product new porn and games according to the rearch result for people who wish to have virtual sex in a different body, possibly with differnt gender.

A new study report from Nature’s Scientific Report suggests and shows that participants in the research experienced realistic gender shifting sensations, that they felt like they are actually in another body of the opposite sex.

The study uses virtual reality to get participants immersed in a virtual environment and a new body of the opposite sex. It stirred and brought up the question if having an ownership of a body ever since you were born is an actually changable and mealeable idea or concept than a hardwired, dead fixed fact of one’s gender identify?

The research result shows that participants who where immersed in the illusion of having an body of the opposite sex tend to form a better and equalized understanding and less stereotypes, less judgemenrts of the opposite sex after the experiment. Participants also generally reported a growing sense of their own gender identify became more balanced after the experiments.

In the scientific report, the researchers coined gender identity as:

“a collection of thoughts and feelings about one’s own gender, which may or may not correspond to the sex assigned at birth.”

To experiment with this assumption, three different experiments was implemented using virtual reality that allowed people to experience what it’s like to have a different body, a body that is not their own.

The scientific experiments was conducted by Pawel Tacikowski and his team from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. Which involved 140 people.

In the experiments participants were wearing a VR headset showing a first-person POV video of either a male or female body. The participants had to watch the stranger’s body being touched while the same kind of action, was being actually and physicallyt performed to their real body.

This creates an sensational illusion and synchronized nature of the touching that alters their sense of physically and gender identity. The participant experienced a real sense of owning a new body with different gender.

“We found that even a brief transformation of one’s own perceived bodily sex dynamically updated the subjective, implicit, and personality-related aspects of the sense of own gender and made these aspects more balanced across male and female categories,” write the scientists, adding “The fluidity of gender identity that we report here extends previous knowledge by demonstrating that the link between own body perception and the sense of own gender is dynamic, robust, and direct.”

According to the researchers, that the immersion and illusion that participants experienced in virtual reality while wearing a VR headset, of owning an opposite-sex body may have “increased a cognitive conflict within the existing beliefs about oneself at the implicit level”, leading subjects to adjust their self-beliefs in order to resolve and dissipate the conflict and incongruence of their sense of gender identify.

Further studies would be addressed in the future on how can people who has some sort of gender conflict, confusion or dysphoria can utilize these scientific research’s findings, to shift and transmute their sense of gender with virtual reality or maybe virtual reality porn.

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