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SDC Ventures: MySugardaddy VR – The World’s First Virtual Reality Dating Experience

The developers of the new MySugardaddy VR dating community are determined to revolutionize the online dating industry. Through the forward-thinking work of a young start-up from Dortmund Germany, Virtual Reality is now set to turn the world of partner searching upside down. One thing is clear: The impact of the futuristic technology on the way we currently search for the other half creates room for unimagined possibilities.

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MySugardaddy VR Proves to be Visionary in the online Dating Service Market

At, a community is created where you can virtually date your chat partner for the first time ever – even if they are at the other end of the planet! As soon as the users enter Virtual Reality with the VR glasses, they can experience and engage their dating partner as an individually designed avatar.


Unlike with regular online chats, the virtual dating environment allows the two chat partners to interact with each other just like they would on a first date in the real world. The interaction with the flirt partner is almost physical, and the users have unprecedented ways of expressing their emotions. The virtual dating world breaks previous boundaries and limitations to such an extent that the chat partner’s desires seem to become tangible.

Virtual Dating – available for everyone at the end of 2017

Virtual Reality is rightly celebrated as the technology of the future. Philip Cappelletti, Managing Director of SDC Ventures GmbH, believes in the success of MySugardaddy VR:

The VR technology has already demonstrated its great potential in many areas of our daily lives. Virtual Reality will capture the love.”

At the end of 2017, the community will be open to the general public.

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