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Senso Devices is a company focused on VR solutions and based in California. We provide fingers tracking & haptic feedback technology for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Just imagine how you can freely interact with the virtual world, not by using joystick or any other controller but with your own hands. With the technology behind Senso devices it is possible to feel virtual objects just if like they are real.




Senso provides hands tracking & haptic feedback technology for Virtual & Augmented Reality. Our first product – Senso Glove – is a wireless controller for Virtual and Augmented reality, which precisely tracks fingers and hands position in space, provides haptic feedback and doesn’t require any third-party standalone solutions for its work.


Senso Glove relies on 7 IMU sensors per each hand, including central 9DOF IMU, combined with custom software, which gave us an opportunity to achive almost zero «drift» in absolute positioning. Besides, the glove tracks each finger individually in all degrees of freedom, but not only detect its grasp.The Glove also provides haptic feedback with 5 vibration motors per each hand.


The Glove is wireless and provides 150 measurements per second with <10ms latency over Bluetooth Low Energy. The battery provides 10 hours of work. The technology behind Senso is almost complete, the company has already started selling the Developer Kits. The first DKs have been already shipped to its partners – game developers and VR attractions vendors.


The company’s main focus is the consumer market, as the company’s mission is not only making VR really great but to make it affordable for everyone. Senso is aiming to release the consumer Senso Glove version in Q2 2017, priced at $180 per single glove and $300 per pair, lowering the price in future.


The main limitation here – is games and apps compatibility with the new way of input. This is where the company’s efforts is focused now. Senso is currently using simple gestures to emulate existing game controllers and also work on embedding existing technologies support, such as Valve’s Lighthouse. Thus, Senso Glove won’t lose in its capabilities to traditional game controllers from the very start. Moreover there will be additional opportunities as we have an open-source SDK and any developer can implement Senso support into his software.

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