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Sensoryx Announces Autonomous Mobile VR/AR Hand & Finger Tracking

Swiss electronics company Sensoryx presented the first mobile hand- and fingertracking sensor system with fully integrated 3D-positioning on their website. The video shows the system developers playing VR minigolf with a Samsung GearVR, a VRfree® glove and a VRfree® headmount. The system captures the movement of hands and fingers fluently, precisely and without latency!

In contrast with all other currently existing VR glove systems which capture only the finger bending and hand- and finger orientation, the VRfree® also captures the 3D-positioning and orientation of the hands and fingers in 3D space without requiring stationary references like cameras (Oculus) or laser beacons (HTC Vive). Thus, the system allows the representation of the hands and fingers also on >mobile< head mounted displays like the Google Daydream, Samsung GearVR and future Augmented Reality displays.

The technical breakthrough of full 3D mobile positioning was achieved by a proprietary, patented combination of different sensor types and inhouse-developed algorithms.

Videolink Mobile Demo:

Teaser System:

Technical details, VRfree® systems:

  • Field of View: ~190°
  • Latency between movement and VR representation: <35ms
  • Precision of motion capture in millimeter range.
  • Captures all degrees of freedom of hands and fingers (orientation, bending, spreading etc)
  • Compatible with most HMDs ie Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Fove and many others
  • ~4 hours of battery life, rechargable
  • Light, unobtrusive, comfortable form factor, washable gloves


Further information:
Sensoryx – Taking VR interaction to the next level.


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